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jocelyn henriquez 511

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of jocelyn henriquez 511

Human Rights Jocelyn 511
Article 1 Right to equality
You are born free and equal in rights to every other human being. you have the ability to think and tell right from wrong.You should treat others with friendship
Respond Article 1
To me Article 1 means everyone should, treated with respect and people should be friends and all humans were born equal and you were born to be free and you can tell people if your right or wrong and if you were black or white no one can treat you bad. If there are signs like whites only you could still go in and be yourself and stand for yourself
Respond Article 4
To me article 4 means that no one should treat you like a slave because people should live their life. And its bad because it wouldn't be fair because people make other people slave them,could do whatever they want to the slaves and the slaves have to do work and do what they have to do because they could get treated bad by the other people and the slaves would get fired and would get treated bad and will kill them
Article 4, Freedom from slavery:
Nobody has the right to treat you as a slave, and you
should not make anyone your slave.

Also you respect people and you can't lame of the color because that is how they were born and everyone is equal so no one can do anything about it. And people have to be treated the same way and no one can defend you because you were born like that.
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