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Issues in Europe

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Issues in Europe

Issues in Europe
by: Brenda Gomes

1.air pollution from the uk is taken by the wind to Germany causing acid rain.
2. another cause of acid rain is the the smoke of the factories and power plants.
3. the german government has passed laws to reduce emmisions from automobiles and factories.
Chernobyl disaster
in 1986 in chernobyl a nuclear power plant exploded that caused tons of radioactive material to spread. All the people who lived in the area were the nuclear explosion happened were quickly evacuated.They could not take any thing with them. Now the area were the explosion happened is now gaurded with barbed wire and gaurds. Its now a ghost town, The faulty reactor was quickly buried in the cement.
Final Destination
air pollution in the UK!
1. in the year of 1952 a great smog came over the UK it lasted for four days.
2.the major source of air pollution in the past was smoke and sulfur dioxide from burning coal.
3.the created smokless zones after the great smog happened.
Acid rain in Germany
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