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Drake Athletics Mobile App

Improving Fan Engagement and the Game Day Experience

Robbie Lehman

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Drake Athletics Mobile App

Innovation at Work
by Robbie Lehman

Drake Basketball
Team Info
Photo Gallery
Social Media
Fan Page
"Our current mobile app gives people access to content from our website on the go. However, the app does not allow for any valuable fan interaction such as social media updates, polls, or pictures and videos. An updated app would give us the opportunity to interact with fans during the events when they are most likely to respond to marketing efforts."
~ Austin Strawhacker
Director of Bulldog Club
Deal of the game
In-app advertising
Revenue stream to fund app
Coaching Staff
If you build it, will they come?
Must invest resources
Change name to include "Drake"
Promote app! -Social media, at games, on campus, etc.
Press Releases
Game Previews/Recaps
Player features
Articles from other media
Alerts: pregame, halftime, post game
Notifications: Drake in the news
Today's Sports Fan & Landscape
24/7 breaking news cycle
Fans want updates immediately
This means digitally on mobile device
Quick bits of info
Want to be able to react/share
Why Improve Fan Relations and Game Experience?
Increase loyalty with existing fans
Attract new fans
Increase attendance at events
Better measure interaction
Develop brand awareness
Generate $$$
Innovation Proposal
Fan Engagement & Game Day Experience
Meaningful interactions!
Add features to current app
Just for men's basketball to start
Background of
Current App
Mobile version of website
Exact same content
Doesn't translate well to mobile
No interactivity
One-way flow of content
Current App Features
Live updates

Sponsor Page
Basic Team Info
Latest News
(keep current feature)
Fan Page
All fan-generated content
Photos, message boards, discussions
Hashtag/Tagboard-like feature
Interactive Games
Win prizes: t-shirts, popcorn, etc.
Compete with friends/other fans
Social Media
Fan engagement and game day experience in need of attention
Should be top priorities
Increase revenue and brand awareness
Drake will be associated with innovation!
By catering improving these areas, Drake will be in a better position to make other changes down the road with the increased support from fans.
Thank you!
Go Bulldogs!
@MelanieFielder So excited to do yoga and then go to the #DrakeBasketball game after!
Who is Drake men's basketball's all-time leading scorer in history?
A) Adam Emmenecker
B) Robbie Lehman
C) Josh Young
D) Gary Ricks, Jr.
*Bottom line: current app is not meeting these needs!
*Aligns with Bulldog Way and Drake Athletics Mission Statement.
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