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The Flipped Classroom: A New Way to "Teach"

Presentation for MS Science Department 3/16/11

Jonathan Bergmann

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of The Flipped Classroom: A New Way to "Teach"

The Flipped Classroom
Turning Learning On Its Head Why Flip? What does it look like? Benefits Learner Centered Control Freaks Need Not Apply Differentiated Learning, not teaching I taught it, they didn't get it. Prove that you learned it! I still don't get it... Alternate Assessment What is a Flipped Classroom? How do I learn more? What do the students think? "Isn't the point of school to learn? "I like learning at my own pace" "I like the collaboration with my peers." "I like the freedom to work on whatever I want." Time flipped-learning.com
jon@flippedclass.com . Not an Excuse for poor teaching Centers
A "3 Ring Circus of Learning" Every learner engaged Clear up misconceptions hello Students take Responsibility 3 Components of a successful
Flipped Classroom What used to be classwork Is now homework What used to be homework Is now classwork What is a Flipped-Mastery Classroom? Students master content at their "own" pace Quality Instructional Videos

Engaging Class Activities

Robust Assessment What the Flipped Clas is NOT What the Flipped Clas IS Personalized Other uses of the Technology Flipped Class Conference
June 18-20, 2012
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