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Using social media for training

No description

Joe Nicholls

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Using social media for training

The importance of educating as well as training.
What does the 'social' bit of social media / technology mean?
Developing Digital Literacy Framework
You can't train people to be social!

But...it is possible to educate people to become more social.
Digidol Project
"Digital Literacy is defined as those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society." - JISC 2011
What does focusing on Digital Literacy bring to the game?
e.g., social media / technologies
'More Effective Meetings'
Staff development workshop:
Exploring ways to use freely available
technologies to improve meetings.
Joe Nicholls
Information Services
Cardiff University

Tel: 029 20870266
Twitter: @joenicholls
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joenicholls
What can I use and do to improve my work and make my life easier?
Workshop design?
- Activities: relevant, meaningful, authentic
- Exposure to opportunity, art of the possible
- Chance to explore, experiment and question
Make it interesting and fun!
Availability and personalisation of computing devices
Wireless connectivity not available in all locations of meetings
Issues (legal, policy, cultural) associated with use of external third party tools for core business activities
Central HR run separate staff development workshops to improve meetings
Unable to simulate situation and circumstance of a truly authentic meeting
Meeting related roles critical: Chair, Secretary, Facilitator
Personal productivity issues have a significant impact on meetings
Insufficient time to use applications and services to perform real work tasks
Additional training required in the context of specific types of meeting activity - i.e., meaningful practices
Unable to reproduce real-life roles and responsibilities
Expectations? Power relationships? Consequences?
Attitudes - interest? incentives? motivation?
Staff development not a priority - creates additional demand/hassle
Access issues:
Skills issues:
Practice issues:
Attribute issues:
n= 3 x 10
2 hrs
The Meeting
Change in practice?
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