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Ancient Rome

No description

brittaney cropper

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome
1. Ancient Rome was developed around a peninsula
2.It was developed by a single man.
3.Ancient Rome was also developed around a river.
4.This river was called the Tiber River.
5They didn't have to go into city states(polace), because there were only mountains where most people didn't live.

Geography Rome was develpoed by
one man named Raumules. The origins of Rome. The person who founded Rome fought for it .
He killed his sister for it. His name was Rameulous Rameulous was raised by wolves as legend says. So thats why he killed his twin sister to have Rome. Ancient Rome Gladiators Ancient rome Rameulous and Remus Drinking from
their wolf mother.
They were raised by her and others.
When they grew up Ramuelous
and Remus fought, Rameulous won. This is Romulus Plebians Get more powerfull This is a Roman Plebian. Patricians.
Represented the
upper class of
Roman society.
Bassically people
who were very rich. Tribune.
Top officials of
the plebian assembly.
They were able to block laws that seemed unfair to plebians. Twelve Tables.
Twelve Tablets that listed rights and duties for citizens.
Here are some Family Rights. Courts and Trials. Laws on Religion. Land Rights. Rameulous and Remus were sent down the river by their uncle. Rebublic.
A government in wich citizens
have the right to vote and elect officials. Theses are two Rome Plebians fighting. Roman Republic. Senate.
Was like an oligarchy because it was ruled by a small group of powerfull people.(men)
which means democracy.
Bassically a group of men that could vote. Magistrates.
Which were the main officials of Rome. Tripartite.
Which means three parts. People having a meeting in Ancient Rome. These are a few of Romans Gods and Godesses. King/God of Ancient Rome-Planet Jupiter. This is Mars an an Ancient Roman god. This is Ancient Roman Godess Juno. The Growth of the Rebuplic. Scipio fought in the second punic war. Tactic
A method used
to acheive a short- term
goal,such as winning a battle. Scopio defeated Hannibal
in the second punic war.
Roman legion.
Had from 4,000
to 5,000 heavily armed
citizens. This was the
basic unit of Romans
Roman Millitary.
After the thinrd punic
war Roman societ built up a navy. These are some of the Plebians and Paytricians.
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