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Soil First grade

ppt for soil video

amanda van

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Soil First grade

Soil is small rocks that have been broken up and cover most of the Earth. Properties of Sand: Sand used to be a rock called GRANITE. The granite was broken down into smaller rocks called QUARTZ. The QUARTZ was then broken down into sand. Sand has sharp jagged edges that cause it to sparkle in the sunlight. Sand does not hold hold water so it is not suitable for plants. Green sand! Black sand of Hawaii. Galveston Clay is rocks that are broken down into very tiny pieces Properties of clay When clay is dry it can hard as a rock! When clay is wet it is very slippery! The roots of a plant cannot hold onto the soil making it hard for the plant to grow! Clay is very useful for making things like pots Loam is a mixture of clay, pebbles, sand and humus! Loam is dark in color and full of nutrients making it perfect for planting. Humus is a combination of dead plants and animals that add nutrients to the soil. Layers of a soil profile. Parent material determines the type of soil it is Subsoil has too much clay and too many rocks for plants to grow Topsoil is great for planting! This soil has plenty of nutrients. The organic layer is the layer that is made of HUMUS. This is dead plants and leaves that add nutrients to the layer of topsoil. What lives in soil? Worms live in the soil, they dig tunnels that help water and air get to the all the dirt! Mole! Bacteria! Soil is made up of sand, clay, and humus.
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