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Hypnic Jerk

By: Nathaniel Cheng, Noah Pather and Alex chan

Nathaniel Cheng

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Hypnic Jerk

The part of the brain that makes you sleep is the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO). The VLPO tells you when to sleep and collects data about the beginning and end of daylight hours so it can tell you when to sleep. Where You’re Brain Says That You Are Awake What is a Hypnic Jerk What causes a Hypnic Jerk By: Alex Chan, Nathaniel Cheng and Noah Pather How does a Hypnic Jerk happen There are many theories about why hypnic jerks happen. Special Features An interesting fact about these jerks are that they can happen anywhere at any time you fall asleep A hypnic jerk is a twitch that happens when you are sleeping, and "jerks" you awake It often occurs in the first stage of sleep, which is the lightest stage of sleep. The hypnic jerk is also called a myoclonic jerk, or a sleep start. People who experience hypnic jerks, are usually accompanied by a falling or an electrical shock sensation. Occasionally, the hypnic jerk can cause a
body part to shake uncontrollably. This shaking of body parts, is also called a periodic limb movement disorder. 1. One of the theories is that when you are falling asleep, your body goes through a lot of changes like your breathing changes, your temperature changes, and your muscle tone changes. This theory says that the jerk might be a byproduct of the muscle transition. 2. The second theory is that as you’re falling asleep, there is a point where your muscles start to really let go. Your brain sometimes interprets the sudden rush of relaxation as a sign that you’re falling and it tells your arms and legs to thrash and keep you upright. Mental and Physical Components Mental Components The part of your brain that activates the hypnic jerk is deep in the brain, below the cortex. There lies a network of nerve cells called the reticular activating system. This part is nestled among the parts that trigger basic processes such as breathing. Ventrolateral Preoptic Nucleus The Fight Between Sleep and Consciousness Then, the VLPO and the reticular activating system have a battle to try and take control over your body. So as a consequence, when you fall asleep, the energy of the day can start to build up and then burst out into random movements, creating the hypnic jerk. Dream Theory Some people say that hypnic jerks happen whenever they dream of falling or tripping up. This is an example of a rare phenomenon called dream incorporation. This shows us how powerful our dreams can be and that they can influence what our brain feels and how incredible our brains really can be. This concludes our presentation, thank you for your attention! There are many cures to hypnic jerks such as meditation, listening to a cassette and maintaining a positive outlook Meditation can help relive those negative feedback loops that will make you dread going to bed. in some cases there can be a hypnic jerk while you are wide awake,This is called myclonic seizures. you recive this from severe vitamin B12 deficiency. It took a year of vitamin B12 treatment for these myclonic seizures to go away.
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