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Media Literacy: Techniques Used to Influence Our Buying Decisions

This Prezi will teach you how to recognize techniques used by the Media to influence your buying decisions.

Charlene Hoang

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Media Literacy: Techniques Used to Influence Our Buying Decisions

Techniques Used to Influence Our Buying Decisions By:
Charlene Hoang 7G Introductory In this Prezi, you will be able to learn about the techniques used by companies to influence your buying decisions. So lets begin! First Example: This first example is a commercial for the restaurant chain, A&W. This commercial uses to help the viewers remember the product. Sometimes people will recall the advertisement making them feel that they want to buy the product. http://tinyurl.com/y93afde This commercial is targeted to because the commercial is funny. (The 2 men are speaking in high voices.) A&W created this commercial to advertise and sell their product, the Mama Burger. This message grabs the audience's attention by having 2 men stand in the restaurant speaking with high voices. There are stereotypes. does not tell us that their burgers are
unhealthy. There is a lot of grease in the
burgers. There is also a lot of calories. This may lead to obesity. Second Example: This second example is an advertisement for the international convenience store chain, 7-Eleven. Project Assigned By: Ms. Franco There are also other techniques used in this commercial. is one of the techniques used in this commercial. As you can see, the 2 men are repeatedly yelling out the product's name.
Bribery shows up in this commercial too. They are advertising the fact that the Mama Burger is now a 2 for $4 deal. Repetition http://tinyurl.com/7c2gkfe Okay, so now let's have a look at
another example of Media Techniques. One of the methods this advertisement uses is . Hyperbole is used in this advertisement to the fact that 7-Eleven's slurpees are going to give you a actual "brain freeze". Another example of a technique is , humour was shown in the picture. The girl's hair was icicles and her facial expressions seemed surprised. humour Media Literacy: teens up to adults no A&W hyperbole exaggerate humour The Big Lie was also used in this picture. It is not possible to have your hair turn into icicles when you drink a slurpee. 7-Eleven created this advertisement to sell their product, the Slurpee. The target audience of this advertisement is kids up to adults because this advertisement is interesting. (The girl has icycle hair because she was drinking a slurpee.)
This advertisement can grab a hold of your attention just because of the weird looking picture. The girl's hair is all frozen and her facial expression is surprised because of how cold the drink was when she tasted it. There are no stereotypes. It should be important for consumers to know what ingredients go into making slurpees, and if it is unhealthy. There is a lot of sugar that goes into making these drinks. Too much sugar can result in diabetes and can cause high blood sugar levels. 7-Eleven's So I've shown you 2 different tehniques, now I'm going to show you the last one. Let's get to it! Third Example: This third example is a commercial for the online shopping site, VAT19. http://tinyurl.com/7bcvweb This commercial uses Warm and Fuzzy to make the audience stimulate feelings of joy. The creators used cute images like the group of Q-Man magnets linking arms with each other to show teamwork. The Q-Man itself was also cute. Repetition was also used in this commercial. The voice of the narrator kept repeating the name of the product, "Q-Man". Also, the video kept on showing the little magnets repeatedly. The commercial also shows an example of humour. It was pretty funny when the narrator said, "But even though the Q-Man is attractive, *whistle noise*". VAT19 created this commercial to adverise and sell their product,
Q-Man Magnets. The target audience of this commercial are kids up to adults. It is tailored to them because it is fun and appealing.(The Q-Mans are colourful and cute, which catches the attention of the audience.) This commercial can grab a hold of the viewer's attention by the cute little magnets they are showing us. The magnets are colourful and cool, and would easily catch the attention of viewers. There are no stereotypes. VAT19 does not tell viewers the cost of each magnet. They also don't tell us if they have replacement magnets for when the magnets accidentally get lost. Conclusion Well we've come to an end. I hope that you enjoyed and learned some things from my prezi. I hope you remembered some of the techniques I showed you, and that you'll be able to spot some of them as you see Media everyday. Thankyou for lending your attention! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! D 8
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