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Among The Hidden

No description

Owen Seavey

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Among The Hidden

Conflict: In an over-populated country, their "government" has issued a law stating that there shall only be two kids per one home. The government says that this will "better distribute food" and
"make sure that the population will not overwhelm the country."
This story takes place with a hidden house concealed in woods. It takes place with new political neighbors that have just moved in. The story takes its action when our main character meets a friend.
Major/Minor Characters
Luke: Curious, Less Known, and Smart
Jen Talbot: Persuasive, Bold
Mr.Talbot: Liar (in a helpful way), Out thinking the out thinker
Before The Rally, Jen hacked into the government Population Police schedule to change the listing so they could be safe on their 8 hour trip. Little did Jen know that her change did little to nothing. During The Rally, (the one Luke Did not go on) jen believes it is safe for her and her some 40 other third kids. As they got out of their car, Jen and her others were shot by Population Police. This struck their families as well as their friends.
Authors Theme
I infer that the Authors Theme is: always try, and never give up your hope. I think this because in the book Jen and Luke both strive to regain their rights. Even though Jen and her friends were the ones who took the action, luke still believed that third, fourth, fifth, and sixth kids should have their right to live and stay out of hiding.
Among The Hidden
By: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Mother: Shy, Hardworking, and helpful
Father: Work Effort, Helping (trying to at least,) and kind
Siblings: Funny (at times,) and helpful-ish
Resolution: Jen Talbot composes a plan to get back their (third kid's) rights back - The Rally. The Rally was a plan for all third kids to march and protest upon the president. Unfortunately, this event takes a dramatic twist.
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