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andrew westword expanshion transcontentnatel rail road

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Monica Johnston

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of andrew westword expanshion transcontentnatel rail road

Both the East and the West started in 1862. 5 Questions 1. Who got the idea of the Transcontinental Railroad? 2. What was its propose? 3. How long did it take to make the Railroad? 4. How long was the Railroad? 5. How long did the Railroad last? Answers To My 5 Questions 1. Westward Expansion:

The Transcontinental Railroad

1862-1869 By Andrew
Basquez Answers to my 5 questions. 1. When was it thought of? In the 1830s. 2. What was its propose? To transport products and food to the east or to the south. 3. How long did it take? It took 6 years for it to be finished. 4. How long was the railroad? The Railroad was exactly 1700 miles long. 5. How long was the Railroad around? The railroad was exactly around for 27 years. Building the Transcontinental Railroad Bibliography
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