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Face in the Water

A reflection of me...

Mandy Thompson

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Face in the Water

A reflection of me... The first ripple... Precursor... But who? No, it's simple really! One thing that I absolutely love about college is not only what you learn from the professor but the ideas you get to be apart of that come from the other students. One of the reasons that I wanted to get my MFA was to be lucky enough to teach at the college level one day. We are constantly learning from everyone around us. I would like to think that I will bring some unique views to this course and I only hope they will be new to others and maybe even be enlightening! Just don't look to me about the mechanics of grammar, I may love to read and write but there are just some things a person has to struggle with. :) You know the one, that ripple that starts when you walk in that classroom door and everyone that is already there stops what they are doing to see who else is joining the class. Whether you are 18 or 50 that first ripple is always there...or here, well you know. :) Before I "walked" into the classroom this semester I had taken a minor pause. A year ago this month I married my best friend! A month later we found out we were "adding on" to our little household! I finished out that semester and took this past fall off to give life to our amazing baby girl! Well, no one thing can ever get rid of me easily, so here I am making ripples in the Grand Valley pond again, continuing the work on my Bachelors in Liberal Arts. So who am I really? I am someone constantly running as far away from normal as I can get. I am 29 in a few days and that is where my "age" shall stay; too bad denial is futile. I am a writer, whom would still love to earn her MFA...maybe someday. A reader, absolutely addicted to books, and by books I mean the ones that you hold in your hand and feel the story in your grasp, with the smell of the words wafting in your direction every turn of the page. Minds are like eyes, if they are shut they see nothing...(no quote here, that came from my own noggin). Jumping in together...ripples galore! Face in the Water (So, here I am.) I have learned this because of, but not limited to, the religion I follow, wanting to be more green, not eating meat, and I could go on. All it takes is a little education and passing on what you learn, it could make a world of difference. If I have learned anything from Grand Valley thus far it would be the importance of a Liberal Arts Education. It really helps to open eyes I think. Random yes but important none the less! :) Oh but there is more! :) The word green excites me; I hope it finds its way into countless cultures and homes because to me "green" encompasses a life we should all have and a life the Earth deserves. I have studied being a raw foodist for 3 years and am finally taking the steps to make it a lifestyle for me. In between more and interesting... The thought of any animal being abused and/or mistreated makes me sick and angry. My focus at Grand Valley is Environmental Leadership and Grant Writing and with that hopefully I can help the environment as well as animals. Our level of meat consumption is not treating the Earth so great, or our bodies, let alone the poor animals. Speaking of animals, my husband and I happen to have 3! :) (A few years ago.) Interesting and soulful with some depth... Just looking at the surface you can't see what is on the ocean floor. For me that is spirituality. I have journeyed along many spiritual paths in my short life thus far and I still generalize myself as a Wiccan or Pagan. However there are many beautiful faiths out there. Most the time this sets me apart from others as, even though this religion is becoming more widely accepted, it is still perhaps not as "common" as some (though it is amongst the oldest religions recorded) and unfortunately many still do not understand it. I also seem to identify with Faery Traditions and Root Workers. But in a nutshell Nature is my religion. :) The last colorful pieces. I love... Colorful dreads and tattoos, this is a great pic from Google Images. (Side note I have 9 tattoos to date.) Read wine, mainly Cabernet! :)
This one is me;) Faeries...they are real you know! :) Drawing...sometimes. :) This is a doodle I did of me and my hubbie. So George Washington Carver, here we come! And I apologize Mr. Carver I unfortunately knew of you not before the mention of this class, so I raise my glass...literally, mmm red wine, and salute you and all we shall learn from you and your legacy. Me again, just in case you needed to remember what I look like...:) That's all folks, lets go get our feet wet! :) Me and my little helper are ready! :)
See you on-line! :)
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