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Matariki is the maori new year

Nini Albert

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of MATARIKI

MATARIKI Stars Translation Celebration Tradition Whanau

Mata riki - tiny eyes Mata ariki - gods eyes Maori have their own New Year it is called 'Matariki'.

'Matariki' is a cluster of stars called 'The Pleiades' or the Seven Sisters' Towards the end of May each year Matariki rises on the North Eastern horizon. This signals the begining of Matariki celebrations Traditionally, Matariki was used to determine the coming seasons crop.

Traditionally, kites were flown as a part of celebrations. They were thought to flutter close to the stars.
The first new moon after the rise of Matariki, signaled the start of the New Year celebrations Traditionally these celebrations could last for up to three days.

Action songs, karanga and prayers would be directed at Matariki throughout the celebrations Everyone gathered together to see in the New Year.
Matariki is a time to learn about your whanau and to a time to remember those who have passed away. Whakapapa is an important part of Matariki celebrations When the stars were clear and bright it was thought that the year ahead would be warm and an abundance in food.

When the stars of Matariki appeared blurred and hazy a cold year was expected and planting was delayed Matariki is also a good time to dream, and to set goals for the future Matariki was a time to share and present offerings to others
Matariki is a time to give what you have to spare to those who need it. It’s about finding something of your self to offer others.
Whanau is Family
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