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The cheetah

No description

Talha Abdali

on 25 December 2016

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Transcript of The cheetah


Kingdom : Animlia
Plyum : Chordata
Class : mammalia
Order : Carnivora
Family :felidae
Genus: Acinonyx
Species: A. jubatus
Cheetahs are known for living in Africa and south western, more specific they live in grasslands,savannas and deserts. They live there because they need open places to catch it's prey or outrun it's predator.

How does the cheetah help the environment?

The cheetah helps the environment by, first of all they play a role in the food chain with out the cheetah all the animals it eats are going to over populate(deer,small gazelles,and zebra.). Also lions and hyenas don't let the cheetahs over populate ,but Cheetahs population is getting smaller because cubs are very vulnerable to Eagals ,Vultures and other animals.

How do humans interact and interfere with Cheetahs

Humans interact and interfere with cheetahs by
clicking cameras in their face and going really close to the cheetah,taking it's space. People need to stop killing cheetahs, people have a big affect on the cheetah by taking their land and coming too close. If I were a cheetah I would be mad.
How can we help cheetahs survive?

First of all we should stop killing cheetahs and give it the land it needs, Humans keep on taking the cheetahs land and it is not fair.The cheetahs are getting to extinction but if we take proper care of the cheetahs we can save them.

Did you know ?

Cheetahs usually chases its prey at only about half it's speed, however. The cheetah's excellent eyesight helps it find prey during the day. Sometimes it gets on high places and watches for prey.When it sees prey, the cheetah often begins to stalk. It gets as close as possible before the attack. It may lift its head high to keep the prey in sight. But it keeps its body hidden. The cheetah is hard to see because its spotted fur blends with the tall, dry grass of the plains. Suddenly, the cheetah makes a run for the prey.

This is a picture of a cheetah running after it's prey.
Look how close the cubs are.
Please save the cheetahs.
We need to save the they really need our
help right now some how just help the cheeaths.
We really need to save
the cheetahs ,every... kill... hurts... This video shows you what has happened to these creatures.
If you didn't think the cheetah
should be helped , I hope I changed
your mind. Cheetahs are fast but they can not outrun extinction but we can help.
The cheetah
google images
animals for kids
work sited
Thank you for watching
my prezi. By......
this is a picture of a cheetah looking for prey.
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