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No description

Robert Meyer

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Ängåsskolan

1 hour 10 minutes per day
Variation between classes
Different playgrounds
Mobilephones allowed only in one break
Lunchbreak included
Multicultural neighborhood
Over 96 % of pupils don’t speak Swedish as their first language
Lack of native Swedish pupils
Problems (?) :
No Swedish cultural influence
Parents’ view of the school
Study visit of Melony Marajh, Tiina Tiihonen, Robert Meyer and Kohei Kato
Founded in 1969
Grades F – 6
9 teachers
176 pupils
25 employees (incl. 1 nurse)
Afternoon care
Staff room
20-30 pupils per classroom
Own desks
Books and exercise books, stationary
Sport equipment for the break
Take shoes off

Lunch in neighbour school
Free, fresh cooked food
Teachers and pupils eat together
Observations (5th Grade)
Observations (3rd + 4th Grade)
Tables in rows
Self reading every monday morning
Bell to centralize attention
Name signs in front of the desks
Homework strategy:
Only repetition exercises
Instructed the lesson before
Student’s view
School principles
Interactive classrooms
Language skills (Swedish and English)
Learning skills (”learn to learn”)
Self-knowledge of the teachers
Relations between pupils and teachers
Individual help
Tables in groups
Classroom rules
Good English teaching quality:
Healthy competition among the pupils
Very nice school
Maths and English are the best
Not too much homework
Pupils can speak with teachers
Something "special" on every grade (e.g. school championships)
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