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No description

Joanne Gries

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Emilymendoza-Evans

Our places are the same like there are on earth.
Extra facts
Its the eight planet from the sun .
Our hotels
It rains dimionds on Uranus.
Our schools
Welcome to Uranus!!!!!
Are houses are big and also small .
we have cool cars that keep you warm and safe.
There nice hotels .
we have 6 hours of school.
we also have fun stuff like art technolgy ,music ,PE.
At recess we have a big playground and swings.
Are weather is cold during night and hot during the day.
Most of the times are weather is cold.
Some of are houses keep you warm .
More facts about Uranus
It spins side ways but people will still be safe .
Uranus has rings that spin in a diffrent way like the planet.
the cars move fast and smooth.
but we park our cars in a pakering garge so are cars are safe.
It got hit by a astord and thats why its on its side and its rings.
It haves all windows closed so we are not cold.
we have indoor pools at the hotel.
The floors go up to seven floors.
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