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Ranch Life in the 1930's- California

No description

Kara Link

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Ranch Life in the 1930's- California

What did Migrant Workers do for Fun & Recreation on the Farm?
What Farm Machinery did the Migrant Workers use on the Farm?
California Ranch Life in the 1930's
Project By: Riley Baltasar, Regan Baltasar, Greta Chappell, Seth Howard, and Kara Link.
What was Ranch Life in the 1930's like?

1930's Ranch Life was a time of loneliness and depression.
Migrant workers were longing for field work although it wasn't ideal.

These workers struggled
Constant separation from family members and loved ones
Sparse food supply, limited shelter, and little cleanliness.
The continuous distribution of sickness and virus, sometimes fatal
Brutal and laborious work that was physically and mentally demanding
Unfair treatment from landowners, including being underpaid
This time period signifies a significant time in American history.
It evolved after the Great Depression and the Dust-Bowl.
Ranch Life (1930's) encompassed harsh environments of human society.
Workers were selfish in order to survive and find work.
How was "Ranch Life" in California Initiated?
Due to an unstable economy, migrant workers searched for work.
A lack of stable jobs also attracted Migrant Workers.
Californian farmers advertised their farms as a "poor man's heaven".
Rubber-tired tractors
Cotton Strippers
Tandem Disks
What were the Living Conditions like for Migrant Workers?
Filthy bunkhouses
Who Worked on the Ranches?
Migrant workers wanting to work and escape the economical challenges.
How did Migrant Workers on the Farm Care for their Families?

So far i believe our presentation is about 3 min nd 20 sec with out elaborating
u r doing taking care of familys + education or weather ur choice
What Chores did Migrant Workers Have to Complete?
Laborious field work

Gathering eggs

Milking cows

Feeding livestock

Board/Card Games
Reading (comics, novels, newspaper)
Constantly moving
How did the Migrate Workers Suffer From the Great Depression?
Coincided with Dust Bowl
Low wages-no support

Personal gardens
Made clothes (feed sacks)
What was the Education System Like on Californian Ranches?
Low teacher salary
Multi-grade classrooms
Dick and Jane
What does the term "Ranch Life in the 1930s" signify?
How did Ranch Life Change in the End? How did Employment for Migrant Workers Increase?
Economical recovery
World War II = service demands, workers to war

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Migrant Workers Cont.
1.3 million workers made the trek

Transient- "Followed the Harvest"

Migrant Workers Specifically came from...
The Great Plains



Poor Countries with Low Employment
Workers throughout the U.S. fled to California for farm work.
Dust, lice, termites, and

Dilapidated living conditions
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