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MC's portfolio

No description

grace coon

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of MC's portfolio

Tying new things and working hard for my goals About me
 Marcellus N.Y.
 Math, science, social studies
being outside
 Good student (most of the time)
 Summers at camp
 Music is life
 Florence and the machine
 Zach brown band
Jake miller
Daddy's girl

  M.C. Coon
  Literature FREINDS!!!! WELL ACTULLY THATS A FUNNY STORY.... DID U TAKE IT YET? What a crazy world we live in
So many lost souls wondering in sin
Without a faith to lead the way
They wander helplessly without a place to stay

The life we live is what makes us who we are
And if it's a life in betrayal it won't go very far
Eventually that circle will meet back at the beginning
It will be then when you will want to start forgetting

It's never to late to clean and polish your slate
To undo the wrong and find the strength to move on
Fixing the damage that you have caused in the past
Stay focused on your future,
and the peace you feel now will continue to last

Before you can love someone you must love yourself fist
This is the secret of life not just some line or just a verse
Put your self forward and find the respect you have lost
And The joy you seek now will be well worth the cost
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