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No description

Sharon Barieng

on 18 May 2013

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Introduction Research Question Research Problem Research Objectives Research Design Questionnaire Pilot Testing Issues and Recommendation Limitations Conclusion Why parents do not send their kids to Kiidz Clubhouse for the activities during weekdays? Pricing
Location To identify and understand why parents do not send their children to Kiidz Clubhouse during weekdays for the activities. Parents sensitivity towards Kiidz Clubhouse pricing

Popularity and awareness level of the Kiidz Clubhouse Descriptive Research Statistical research
Studied the descriptive problem Quantitative Research Survey questionnaire Sample size Population of parents in Kiidz Clubhouse Kuching
A total of 83 respondents collected Sampling Frame Preferrably customer of Kiidz Clubhouse Sampling method Quota sampling
Avoid biasness
Obtain neccessary data Section A Demographic question Section B Price Sensitivity Section C Awareness level Respondents are unwilling to answer open ended questions

Questions were too long and confusing

Questions were aimless and repeatable

Unorganized questions with no clear instructions BEFORE AFTER "It's CONFUSING and I don't really UNDERSTAND what you want from me"- Female; parent of two kids High pricing of some of the activities Lowering price of the activities
Extend duration
Maintain price, free gift given Lack of awareness for activities Impress current clients
Advertise in residential areas school, day care Inconvenient location of Kiidz Clubhouse Provide transportation back and forth
Bringing outdoors activities Time frame for data collection Begin two or three weeks earlier Access to respondents Train researchers on approaching respondents Sample size Reduction of sample size 65% clients are satisfied with the activities.

Parents are price sensitive about Kiidz Clubhouse.

More promotion needed.

Elite membership. Findings SECTION A: DEMOGRAPHIC SECTION C: AWARENESS SECTION B: PRICING Race of respondents Age of respondents 27.7% of respondents with income below
RM 3000 felt that the admission price for Kiidz Club House is not that adequate Gender of respondents 58% 42% 71% 34% 45% BEST WAY TO BE CONVINCED 27.7% of the respondents are not familiar of the activities provided. 13.3% of the respondents who are not familiar of the activities have never or seldom send their kids to Kiidz Club House. RESPONDENTS WITH KIDS MARTIAL ART IS GOOD PLAYTIME IS IMPORTANT ART PROGRESSES CHILD ACTIVITIES 66.3% 56.6% 74.7% VALUES OF ACTIVITIES MARRIED WITH KIDS SINGLE WITH KIDS DIVORCED WITH KIDS WIDOWED WITH KIDS 39% 35% 8% 18% Created closed ended questions
Used scaled questions

Made questions shorter and straight to the point

Amended questionnaire that has relevance to research objectives

Created sections relating to research objectives and including clear instructions An activity and play centre for kids between 2 to 12 years old

Research study to understand respondents behavior

10 weeks of duration to accomplish the task THANK YOU :) Outline Introduction
Research question and problem
Research objectives
Research design
Pilot testing
Issues and recommendation
Conclusion 68.7% 7.3% 4.8% 1.2%
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