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Boston King And The Loyalists

this is a prezi pertaining to the life of Boston king and the Black/White Loyalists

Snovie R

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Boston King And The Loyalists

Boston King

The Loyalists

During and after the American Revolution (
) about
American colonists who remained loyal to the British Crown became refugees in the provinces of British North America. They did not favor a revolution and after it took place they felt insecure because of the patriots (people who did support a revolution). After the war when their cause was defeated
of them migrated. While most of the Loyalists who came to present-day Quebec settled in what (after
) became Upper Canada, some remained in what became Lower Canada where they settled in various areas, particularly in the Eastern Townships and Chaleur Bay, Gasp, They made a lot of major contributions to Canadian history and our country could not have become what it is now without them. They have many descendants and many of them include both English-speaking and French-speaking Quebecers.

A Picture Of Boston King
Portrayed By Actor Derwin Jordan

Was migrating a good decision? Well in many ways it was, because in the Provinces of Quebec and Nova Scotia, there were given to the Refugees lands to the extent of from 200 to 1,200 acres to each family. Agricultural implements, food and clothing for two years. However, Boston King worked as hard as he could, he worked as a carpenter, fisher, and became a Methodist preacher and still never had much money. life was hard for the Black loyalists because they were beaton and chased out of Shelburne.

Who were the loyalists?

The Loyalists were those living in the 13 colonies who did not support the American Revolution. As the revolution became more violent, large numbers of them were threatened, burned out of their homes, and occasionally killed. Many of them abandoned everything they had, and ended up taking refuge in Canada.

Why the Loyalists decided to migrate to Canada
Was migrating A good decision ?
The British had compiled a register of
former slaves who had joined them prior to the signing of the 1782 provisional treaty; all others were to be returned.
Among those
former slaves, there were
girls and
children whose gender was not identified.
Black slaves accompanied their Loyalist owners.
Escaped Black slaves used migration as a way of escaping from their owners and becoming free people.
Most of the Loyalists migrated to New Brunswick or Ontario or Nova Scotia.
The Loyalists were about
of the population overall of the war of

Facts on Boston King
and the Loyalists:
Loyalists Monument, Saint Johns, NB

Why Did Boston King Migrate To British North America?

Boston King along with other Black Loyalists decided to migrate to British North America because when they joined the British Forces; they were promised free land at the end of their services. In the end these promises turned out to be empty ones. Since they were rejected in society Boston king and his wife left Carolina and settled in Nova Scotia, taking charge and founded a group for Black loyalists called Birchtown. This town was near another loyalist community called Shelburne. All though technically they were "free" community they went through many difficulties as they were not making much money; if any money they recieved at all they got small amounts from small jobs they did. Boston King lived a poor lifestyle.
The Loyalist's Migration To British North America

When the Loyalists migrated from the
American Colonies to British North America there were three groups. One group migrated to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, one to Quebec and one to what's now called Ontario. In
a shipload of Loyalist left New York for Nova Scotia. This was only the first group. The reason for why they came here was because after the American revulation and the Patriots kept gaining Victories, more and more Loyalists felt threatened and started to migrate to British North America. The Loyalists who migrated to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were a part of minority groups and religions. Some of which called the Quakers (opposed to violence and war), and the Huguenots (french protestants). The Black Loyalists who lived in Shelburne remained as slaves. Wealthy, White loyalists who lived there brought their slaves along with them (including enslaved people rented out as labourers). In
Black settlers were attacked, which leaded to a
day riot where Blacks were beaton and chased out of Shelburne. People realized that Sehlburne would not become a strong community and so the Whites migrated to New Brunswick and the Blacks were forced to leave to Africa.
A Family Of Black Loyalists
Boston King’s Biography
Boston King was born in South Carolina, in the year of
. During his early years he joined the British forces and later moved on to New York. Times were rough in the United States; he barely survived smallpox and escaped captivity twice. During this time, the American Revolutionary war was taking place. But luck eventually came his way for he married Violet who was from North Carolina. The pair was amongst
black slaves who were promised freedom for their assistance during the war. The slaves were included in the book of negros for their efforts in the American revolution, both Boston and his wife as well. After overcoming several hardships, the black slaves migrated to Canada and settled in Nova Scotia. King was a carpenter, and settled in birch town with his wife. He worked many jobs to make a living but they were treated poorly (Black loyalists). Soil was poor, grant deliveries and supplies were delayed. Then soon Boston King was appointed Methodist Minister of Congregation. Methodism is inspired by the teachings of John Wesley, who celebrated Christianity. Leaving his now stable position, he yet again shifted to the “Freedom Province” Sierra Leone in
. In
the company sent him to England to teach and elaborate on John Wesley’s ways. Unfortunately, Violet passed away and he remarried in Sierra Leone. Whilst serving as missionaries to Sherbro people, both kings passed away. Some references (Census of
) state that they had
boys and a girl. His autobiography was published in England
by himself before he died.
King became a methodist
Who is Boston King?
-Boston King was a Black slave and later on a black loyalist.
-He was born in South Carolina and after the American Revolutionary war he got his freedom. He then settled in Nova Scotia.
-He later moved to a town called Sierra Leone where he helped found the town Freetown.
-He was the first methodist missionary to African people.
-Most Black Loyalists were not respected so he had a hard time in birchtown.
-He had many jobs such as a carpenter, shoe maker, wood cutter, but still he was very poor. He published his own biography in
-He also had a wife who's name was Violet.
American Revolutionary War
The American Revolutionary War was a war which lasted for half the 18th century. In the war the 13 colonies (later called united states of america) joined forces to break from the british empire.
continue this........
The War of 1812
Something to Think About.........
Significance of Boston King
Boston king helped establish
in Siera Leone
was awarded for his efforts in the war of 1812
(this meant that the status of black slaves was increased)
He was a skilled
who taught the society about christianity.
Showed courage for being a disrespected Black
Advertised himself and the importance of black slaves by writing an
He was a


We hope you enjoyed our
and learned something on
Boston King
and the Loyalists!


and Radhika
Was migrating a good decision? Well in many ways it was, because in the provinces of Quebec and Nova Scotia, Refugees were given land to the extent of
acres per family. Agricultural implements; food and clothing for two years. However, Boston King worked as hard as he could, he worked as a carpenter, fisher, and became a Methodist preacher. These jobs came of use to him in the future before moving twice with his family. Whatever he was given was naturally better then the respect he gained as a black slave.
Loyalists contribution to Canadian
- They brought their ideas about elections and roads with them
- their language (english)
- They petitioned for the government to be allowed to use the british legal system
- The loyalists migrating influenced Canada's path to independence
- Canada's population rapidly increased after the loyalists settled
- Canada got divided into two (lower and upper canada)because of them
What You will Learn in this presentation:
Who were the Loyalists
Who was Boston King
Boston King's Biography
Why did Boston King Migrate
to British North America
Loyalist's Migration
Facts on both
Was migrating a Good Decision
Contribution to Canadian History
Significance of Boston King
What Have You Learned?
Boston King was a Black Loyalist
The Loyalists were American Colonists loyal to British Crown
migrating was a positive decision
loyalists were assertive and enslaved black people
Fact: boston king and many others were put in the famous book of negros
their contributionss have made a benefit for the modern generation; speaking english, government elections etc.
Boston King is significant for establishing Freetown
1. Boston King helped establish Freetown located in what country?

2. Why were the Back Loyalists put in the book of Negros?

3. Who were the loyalists?

4. What are the minority group Quakkers oppossed to?
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