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American student life vs French student life

When study abroad becomes a cultural experience

Amélie Vandoolaeghe

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of American student life vs French student life

American student life
French student life American campus life vs French campus life About the campus identity... In France, campus life is separated from the personal life French education vs American education Stereotypes about the campus life French students try to find the closest campus from their family houses Most of the French universities are free What is different? What French students see when they talk about "study in the U.S.A"? What American students see when they talk about "study in France" ? The university of Lille The university center ISTC, the communication and marketing school of the university University of Lille :24 500 students distributed in 20 schools 700 students Most of the student life occurs in the city but not in the campus Why to pay a French private university if you can not pay a public one? Class in a French public university: Lille 2 ( Law university) Class in a private university ISEG (business school) Step A : Competitive examination
Step B : Send your student file
Step C : interview How to enter a French university? Licence
3 years Master
2 years 1 2 ( you're a junior ) ( you're a senior ) By Amélie Vandoolaeghe picture from the website of the city of Lille One competitive examination to enter a business school. Picture from the website of the French student newspaper "l'étudiant" Importance of internships in the private schools French class vs American class No homework ! No books
Less interactions with the teacher
More interactions with our neighbor
Be dressed-up Personal work Inside the class One example of a class in France (from the French student newspaper "l'Etudiant") Thank you for your attention !
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