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How To Make a Line Graph

No description

Emi H

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of How To Make a Line Graph

Your data should
cover at least two
thirds of your graph
Spacing should be
evenly done. How to Create a Line Graph Created by: Chris & Emi Independent Variable Definition:
The thing we purposely change in a controlled experiment.

In excel the I.V. goes in the first column of Excel

Goes on the Y-axis Dependent Variable Definition:
The thing you measure in response to what you change.

Place in column next to I.V. in Excel

Goes on X-axis FINISHED PRODUCT of EXCEL Candy Land Temp. Graph Identify Data Some Constants- Place (Candy Land)
Time of day Constants Definition:
The things you keep the same in an experiment. I.V. D.V. Temp. (D.V.) Days (I.V.) Points marked INFORMATION ON GRAPH YOLO UPS Y Axis X Axis If your data's smallest
number is more than zero
then you can use a symbol
(side-ways lightning bolt)
that skips up to that number. Once all data is entered in
excel, select it all then
click Charts --> Line graph
--> Then pick which graph
you want to
use. To Change the font, labels, and colors, open "Tool Box" and select your "Line Graph". You can choose what title
you want to name for your
graph on excel. EXCEL: HOW TO CREATE A GRAPH What you will learn is...
How to graph in Excel
And much, much more! Yo' gonna learn how to make a line graph! When Labeling Make sure
you include your units Thank You! Thank You! Mmkay, BYE! Bibliography:
Jackie's iPhone 4S
Chris & Emi's Brains

Thanks Again! Chris Productions MADE IN: EMI-LAND MADE IN: EMI-LAND
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