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Kyra Solano

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Scoliosis Kyra Solano What is it? Is it sex-linked? Symptoms Living with Scoliosis Population Affected Treatment
X-rays An abnormal curve in the spine. No, it isn't. However, Usually females develop this syndrome more than males. Scoliosis affects twice as many females as males. There is no certain race or ethnicity that are more likely to develop scoliosis. Around 10% of the adolescent population have some degree of scoliosis in The United States. About 2-3% will have to continue further observation and get medical attention (x-rays, bracing, surgery). One shoulder may appear higher than the other
One hip may appear higher than the other
The head might not be centered over the body
One shoulder blade may stick out more than the other
The ribs are higher on one side when he/she bends down causing a rib hump
The waistline may be flat on one side
The texture of skin above the spine changes (dimples, hairy patches, color abnormalities)
Entire body leans to one side
Back pain Scoliosis makes things difficult. For example breathing can be disrupted if you lay on one side. The back pain can be terrible at some points in the day. Clothes don't seem to fit right. Every 6 months for mild curves.
Every 3 months for even worse curves. Cause The CHD7 gene is missing or disrupted in a rare syndrome called CHARGE. The CHD7 protein is turned off. The CHD7 Gene plays a crucial role in a lot of basic functions in the cell. Cause Continued... Most people who have scoliosis are born with it. Congenital is also the cause. It is an abnormality in the formation of vertebrae (present at birth). Rib Hump These symptoms don't have a specific set time of when they will show up, but it is usually visible when the patient is going through puberty. Treatment
Bracing If the curve is low enough the doctor will recommend bracing. (thoraco-lumbar, lumbar, lumbosacral) You can not develop scoliosis from slouching our carrying a heavy book bag on one side. If the curve is higher the doctor will recommend a different type of brace. (cervical, cervical-thoracic, thoracic) Treatment
Surgery If the curve gets worse than 50 it is recommended that you get surgery. Prognosis Yes, the patient will survive. 5 Interesting facts 1. Babies born with this syndrome often die in infancy. 2. Babies who survive have heart defects, mental retardation, genital and urinary problems, ear abnormalities and deafness, among other problems. 3. Not only does the spine curve, but it also twists. 4. There are currently no medications to treat scoliosis. 5. Some adults have scoliosis and don't even know it. Bibliography "Scientists Identify First Gene Linked to Scoliosis | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis." Scientists Identify First Gene Linked to Scoliosis | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2013. "Scoliosis Facts." Scoliosis-assoc.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2013. "Google." Google. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2013. (for pictures) Thanks for listening Scoliosis affects about 1,000,000 children in America. Male Female That's Good! Boston Brace Milwaukee Brace Textured Skin
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