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Why are you taking this class?

No description

Jasmin D'Anunzio

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Why are you taking this class?


Step 1
Why are you taking this class?
I'm taking this class because i wanted to be able to type faster.
Day 2 August 20 2013
You've been employed and are offered a six figure income, what income do you deserve and why?
The Way out
Reflection of the day:
I felt welcomed to this class when i walked in for the first time.
At least 100,000, because i have a
diploma, i love working with people, I'm honest, and i'm determined to get my work done.


I am confidant with my answer.
Day #10
Compare and contrast two basic skills learned in GCF and tell why they are chosen?
I have learned about computers and how they are used and how to set up different computers, such as lap tops and desk computers.
Day # 11
Think about the desktop computers you've seen at work, school, the library, a store, or a friends house. What did they look like? Were they all-in-one or did they have a separate tower?
They are bulky and bigger than a
lap top. They have separate towers
located under the key board. All
source of power is in the key board.
Day # 12
What is the application software?
Explain some common types of
Day # 11
Some common types of application software
are, KIK, Angry Birds, and Facebook.
Day # 13
If a window program has become unresponsive, which keys do you press to open Task Manager?
Explain why?
There are three keys you press at
the same time, they are the Ctrl button
which stands for control, the Alt button,
and the delete button. You would want to
use Task Manager so that you can stop the
program so your computer isn't going to be slow.
Day # 14
Open up WWW.Pearson and read today's assignment. Explain how easy or difficult this process was?
This assignment was very easy it wasn't
difficult to do at all.
Day # 16
Dose success in anything come easy or do you have to work for it?
Explain give an example.
You must work to become successful,
as they say, "your job comes from
practice and hard work".
The commercial "I want to be like MIKE" would have you believe you can. Will you become like mike if you watch the video over and over?
No, Because you actually have to work to become like Mike. You can't just sit around watching his video without taking action or even trying.

Day # 16
If this was you...what is that something?
If i was you and i was bored what
would take me to the next level is
if i get in an argument with someone
i love like my mom or boyfriend.

In this lesson we learn about using command options such as the ones I've listed below:
Adding and removing

a quick Access toolbar is
To save, undo, or repeat your work you have
*The mini toolbar

displays when the mouse pointer
Rests on selected text or data that can be

Shortcut menus

help you get to the menu
Faster without having to go through so
Much stuff.

Day # 18
Name at least 5 items found on the RIBBON OF THE WORLD? Explain each.
The ruler marks were your text starts and were it ends.
Day # 20
What dose the capital "A" and the lower case "a" on
Micorsoft Word 2010
stand for.
It shrinks the font when you click on the
smaller capital "a" and it makes the font bigger when you click the large capitol "A"
Each team create a EQ on the last weeks skills learned and give an answer in a discussion fashion?
Day # 21
What is the proper figuring position,
correct touch keying, and technique
Explain your answer.

Keep your wrist and posture straight at all
times so that it will be easier and faster to
Day # 22
A picture used to identify an element on screen

Hide a window so it appears only as a button on the window Taskbar.

Day # 23
What is the difference between a
full-block format and modified block?

DAY # 29
How can becoming certified in MOS better prepare you for the workforce?
You will have more experience with the system.
When a character dose something
that contrasts.
Aha moment
Tough questions
Words of the Wiser.
Again and Again.
Memory moment.
**Interview preparation tips.
**How to make a positive first impression.

**Brush up on the company:
*Visit their website, and see if possible their physical location.
*Learn about recent company news and events.
*Research their financials.
**Make a list of questions that reflect your knowledge and interest:
*Can you describe the position in detail.
*Can you tell me about growth opportunities.
*How would you describe the leadership style in the company.

**The value of making a good first impression.
*Eye contact/handshake
*Taking notes/prepared questions
Good first impression!!
Check your attire
is it professinal.
Chapter 1 vocabulary:
Active plane
A plane in which the insertion point is currently
located. commands and actions occur in the active plane.
Text or graphic printed at the bottom of all pages in a document.
Text or graphic printed at the top of all pages in a document.
Insertion point
The flashing vertical line that
indicates where the next action
will occur in a document
Non printing characters
Characters such as paragraph marks and tab symbols that are not printed in a document but that can be displayed on the screen.

Paragraph mark
A non printing character inserted in a
document to indicate where a
paragraph ends.
Word warp
A feature that causes text to move automatically from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line.
Chapter 1 lesson 2 vocabulary:
Horizontal alignment
The position of text in relation to the width of the page.
A collection of formatting settings that can be applied to characters or paragraphs.
Style Set
A collections of styles that have coordinate colors and fonts.
A document that contains formatting, styles, and sample text that you can use to create new documents.
A set of coordinated colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to office 2010 documents.
Chapter 1 lesson 3 vocabulary:
Insert Mode
The method of operation used for inserting new text within existing text in a document. Isert
Rule 1:

Capitalize the first word of a sentence personal titles, and names of people.
Rule 2: Capitalize days of the week and months of the year.
Rule 3: Capitalize cities, states, countries, and specific geographic features.
Rule 4: Capitalize names of clubs, schools, companies, and other organizations.
Rule 5: Capitalize history periods, holidays, and events.
Rule 6: Capitalize streets, buildings, and other specific structures.
Rule 7: Capitalize an official title when it precedes a name and d elsewhere if it is a title of high distinction.
Rule 8: Capitalize initials; also, letters in abbreviation if the letters would be capitalized when the words are spelled out.



DATE: 3-26-14
Hook and Do Now answer:
My light is to learn about medical care for human beings.
This is important, because then i can help make a difference
in peoples lives. They can get better i f they get ill.
Hook and Do Now Question:
"When you have knowledge, allow someone else to light their candle at it",
Describe your light and its importance.
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