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Megan Ruff

No description


on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Megan Ruff

First Steps
7:06 pm on December 17, 1998

Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, Surprise

Basic Information
I have visited:
Things I am involved in:
Drama Club-Member
Stuco (maybe)-Member
City of Surprise Teen Advisory Commission/Board-Vice President
International Culture Club (hopefully)-member
Art Club (hopefully)-member
What I Like:
Music: I will listen to anything as long as it's good.
Books: I will read anything as long as it's good.
Drawing/Art: I will draw/enjoy anything as long as it's good.
But I do mainly like art, reading, writing, music, horseback riding, soccer, styles, creativity, photography, etc.
The Future
Megan Ruff
15 years and more to go
Mother: Catherine Ruff
Father: Stephan Ruff
Half-brother: Matthew Ruff
Sister-in-law: Katrina Ruff
Nephew: Roran Prologo

Where's my family?
Most of my family has originated in Europe, mainly the United Kingdom. However, I have family from multiple places. For example, a small part of me is Canadian Indian. I currently have family on the East Coast and in Great Britain, as well as here in Arizona, while my brother has moved to Utah.
Hair: Blonde (with brown in it somewhere)
Eyes: Blue
Age: 15
School: Paradise Honors High School
Height: Tall
Living in: Surprise, Az
High School: Paradise Honors High School
Grade: 10th/Sophemore
Principle's List
Honor Role
Freshman World History
Club Awards
Sports Awards
Reading Awards
Major Events
Since I am only 15, I do not really have any major events, however, I have some "events" that are significant to me.
Taking a month-long trip overseas alone
My brother leaving home
My mother having cancer
All of my major injuries
8th Grade Promotion
Getting my permit
As of right now, I am not sure as to what I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Of course, I want to be wealthy, successful, and healthy, but that is a bit too generalized for me. Honestly, I would love to just be happy. Not many people nowadays are truly happy with themselves and are living the life they want. I want to be able to enjoy myself and be pleased with what I have accomplished.
I do not have a career plan at this moment in time. I am completely undecided as to what I want to be doing, so I am taking my time now. It is more preferable, for me, to be able to find a career that will make me happy, than to rush into a career that will take me absolutely nowhere.
Why am I Taking Sociology?
I am taking sociology because I believe this study fascinates me. I have always examined how people behave and why we do what we do, so it would be very interesting to see how this really works in our society. Also, I love seeing social groups and interactions that can teach me about a person.
In the future, I can use sociology to my advantage by being able to choose my peers carefully and also be able to interact in an environment in an expected way.
Louis (dog)

Buffy (dog)

Daisy (dog)-

Taz (dog)-

Eevee (dog)-

Phil (fish)
Plus lizards, fish, birds, tortoise, hamster, etc...
Places I have been
Places i want to go
A small family story:
A long time ago,one of my many-great grandfather's was extremely rich. He had everything he wanted and came from a very wealthy family. His family was also very strict, and tried to arrange his marriage. The rule was that if you came from a family of luxury, you needed to marry someone of the same, or higher, social class. This would have been fine with my grandfather, except he fell in love with a young woman who would have been considered a "peasant" to his family. Outraged, his family forced him to choose between the poor girl or his family and wealth. Ultimatally, he chose the woman and, in return, his family cut him off, forcing him to go into poverty with his new wife.
Color: Blue
Movie: Last (good) movie I watched
Food: Sandwhiches or pasta
Soda: Pepsi/Dr.Pepper
Drink: Tea
Fruit: Blueberries/Watermelon
Shoe brand: Converse
Actor: Johnny Depp/Andrew Garfield/Morgan Freeman/Neil Patrick Harris/Nicolas Hoult/Jim Carrey/Etc...
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence/Rebel Wilson
Book: Last (good) book I read.
Song: Last (good) song I heard
Concert: Black Eyed Peas
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