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MYP eAssessment

No description

Por So Loon

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of MYP eAssessment

MYP eAssessment
3 kinds of eAssessment
(1) Externally marked -onscreen exam
(2)Externally marked ePortfolio
(3) Internally marked & externally moderated ePortfolio
~ launch in May 2015
~ focus on conceptual understanding & ability of students to integrate disciplinary learning
~ Onscreen exam : 2 week-period, 2 subjects each day
~ Pre-release materials : 4 weeks before exam
Alignment with MYP internal assessment
~ time balance equally among 4 criteria
~ use elements familiar to students, ATL skills, an identified global context that runs through all subjects in each exam session and MYP command terms
IB MYP certificate
~ register for at least 6 subjects and 1 interdisciplinary eAssessment
~ at least 2 years in MYP and complete ass requirements in year 5
~ PP (ext moderated) with at least grade 3
completed sch requirement for CS
~ 6 or more pass grades in disciplinary eAss and a pass in interdisciplinary eAss.
disciplinary eAssessment
Interdisciplinary task
- a language and literature
- a language acquisition subject
- mathematics
- science discipline
- individual & societies discipline
- student select from a choice of 3 based on 2 to 3 disciplines
- focus on ability of students to transfer knowledge and use it in unfamiliar situations
IB MYP course results
- register for fewer than 6 subjects
- at least 2 years and completed assessment in year 5
- 6 or more subjects and completed int assessment
- PP (ext moderated)
- completed CS
Biology topics
Interactions with environment
Human interactions with environment
Physics topics
Forces and energy
Heat, light and sound
Atomic physics
Chemistry topics
Periodic table
Organic chemistry
The atmosphere
Pure & impure substances
Types of chemical reaction
Key concepts contributed by science and math
science - change, relationships, systems
Math - form, relationships, logic
Science related concepts
All Science disciplines
consequences, energy, interactions, patterns, models, functions, evidence, movement, form
CHEMISTRY - environment, balance
BIOLOGY - conditions
PHYSICS - development
Science Criteria
Criterion A : knowing and understanding
Criterion B : inquiring and designing
Criterion C : processing and evaluating
Criterion D: reflecting on the impacts of science
Math branches
Statistics and probability
Math related concepts
change, equivalence, generalization, justification, pattern, quantity, representation, model, space, system, simplification, measurement
Science assessments
Criterion A: End-of-unit or end-of-term test or exam
Criterion B and C : Scientific Investigation
Criterion D : Report or extended piece ( approx 700 to. 1200 words)
Math assessment
Criterion A: broad-based classroom test/exam covering at least 2 branches of the math skills
Criteria B / and C: Math investigation under test conditions
Criteria D / and C: select and apply math to real life situation and justify solution and its accuracy.
Onscreen exam
~ Teachers submit predicted grades in each subJect - reference for performance & additional data for awarding the IB validated grades
~ final award grades will be firther quality assured
Math Criteria
Criterion A: knowledge and understanding
Criterion B: investigating patterns
Criterion C: communicating
Criterion D: applying mathematics to real life contexts
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