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No description

2nd Grade

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft

There are 3 worlds in Minecraft. The End, The Nether and the Overworld
Minecraft Weapons are things that help you defend against monsters.

Minecraft is a vast computer-generated world approximately 30,000,000 square meters
Minecraft has a ton of Youtubers
There are a ton of Minecraft Mobs!
Minecraft Mods
Skins make a player look cooler.
Minecraft Mutants
Minecraft Mutants are stronger mobs than normal and are transferred through mods.
Not a real mob
Minecraft has amazing landmarks
Minecraft has all kinds of surprises in mines.
Minecraft builders build amazing things.
The Gang's All Here! :)
Minecraft On Computer
Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE isn't as good as minecraft on computer, but it's still pretty good! :)
Updates in minecraft PE add new items and things to your world
0.9.0 Update
0.7.6 Update
0.9.0 Update / Ingame Skin Changer
There aren't very many items in minecraft pe to choose, but it's still enough!
Minecraft PE only has 1 dimension, and that is the overworld.
Minecraft Xbox
A minecraft xbox world is 862 meters by 862 meters
Minecraft Xbox Mods are almost exactly the same as Minecraft on computer
Minecraft Xbox also has a ton of youtubers.
Minecraft Hunger Games
Minecraft Paintball
Minecraft Soccer
Minecraft Songs
Copyright 2014
Minecraft Storms (With Mods)
No Mods
Minecraft Thunderstorms are just thunder with
some rain and lightning.
Minecraft storms with mods are tornadoes; Just tornadoes!
Minecraft Creepypasta Mod
I picked this specific mod because it is one of the scariest mods.
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