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Types of conflict

No description

Kelsey Bruce

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Types of conflict

Types of conflict ! By: Erin Kollath
Character vs. society
This happens when a person or group is vs. the community.
Example: In Middle school the worst years of my life its Rafe vs. the whole school. Also in that book its Rafe vs. the community in his town.
Character vs. Nature
In the book the lion the witch and the wardrobe its the family of kids vs. the nature of the forest like the animals and the trees.
In the book Geronimo Stiltion its Geronimo vs. the dragons and the rainbow dragon helps Geronimo.
In the same book it's Geronimo vs. the storm and the weather when he was going to the kingdom of fantasy. The definition of character vs.
nature is a characters vs. the weather or
nature of something living.
Character vs. character
This type of conflict happens when two different characters do not agree and then that makes a character vs. character conflict.
Example: In Number of the Stars: Its Papa vs. the solider he said Ellen is part of his family and she is Lise.
In My Brother is a Big Fat Liar its Rafe vs. the teacher. In 11 Birthdays in the begining its Leo vs. Amanda because of there birthdays. And in
Chrissa its her vs. the bully.

Character vs. Self
In my brother is a big fat liar its Georgia vs. the whole school. This also happened in the book Geronimo Stiltion but instead of Georgia it's Geronimo.
These are some examples of character vs. society books.
Character vs. self is a character vs. his/hers emotions or feelings.
Example: In number of the stars its Ellen, she said should I pretend to be Lise? In Rules Catherine said should I go to the dance? And again in Rules is Catherine said should i go to his house or not? In Rules her mom said should I bring David to his
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