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Digestive System Diseases Project - Anatomy & Physiology

Nameerah Fadzil

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Jaundice

Jaundice by Nameerah Fadzil
and Aishwarya Sanjay Yellowing of
mucous membranes What are the causes? RBC RBC RBC RBC RBC RBC RBC RBC { Dying
Breaking down Overloaded Damaged Blood Liver Gallbladder Biliary tract Intestines Intestines How It Affects the Digestive Tract BILIRUBIN is created Bilirubin Bilirubin Bilirubin Bilirubin BLOOD TISSUES Bilirubin R B C Bloodstream Liver Specialized cells Gallbladder (Bilirubin + Bile) Biliary tract Intestines S S S Bilirubin + Bile Urobilinogen BACTERIA within Types Pre-hepatic Jaundice Post-hepatic Jaundice Intra-hepatic Jaundice Infection speeds up R B C malaria
sickle-cell anaemia
Gilbert's syndrome
Crigler-Najjar syndrome
hereditary spherocytosis Infection Alcohol Other harmful substances Liver damage damage damage PROCESS BILIRUBIN hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C
alcoholic liver disease
glandular fever
drug misuse
primary biliary cirrhosis
liver cancer
autoimmune hepatitis
primary sclerosing cholangitis
Dubin-Johnson syndrome Damaged Inflamed Obstructed GALLBLADDER Bile Bilirubin Bile Bilirubin Bile Bilirubin INTESTINES gallstones
gallbladder cancer
bile duct cancer
pancreatitis Signs & Symptoms Organs Involved Flu, fever, chills Stomach pain Itching Unintentional weight loss Underlying Conditions Classic yellow tinge to skin Eyes, mucus in mouth & nose turn yellow Dark coloring of urine Stools become pale Regular Symptoms nausea & vomiting

abdominal pain fever

weakness Loss of appetite

headache Confusion

Swelling of legs &abdomen Additional Poor feeding Lethargy Changes in muscle tone Seizures In Newborns Diagnosis Diagnosis Urine Test Urobilinogen Higher Lower pre-hepatic or intra-hepatic post-hepatic Liver Function & Blood Tests Damaged Liver BLOOD PROTEIN PROTEIN enzymes enzyme and protein levels measure to determine how well liver is functioning Liver Biopsy Liver cell sample taken out by insertion of fine needle Abdomen is numbed with local anaesthetic To evaluate condition of liver tissue Samples are examined under microscope in lab Progression Over Time Jaundice begins as SECONDARY INFECTION Bilirubin builds up in the system Signs and symptoms show Abnormality in body Disease that can lead to Jaundice Kernicterus may occur Cerebral palsy
Hearing loss
Teeth & vision problems
Mental retardation Treatment Treatment Intra-hepatic Jaundice Post-hepatic Jaundice Pre-hepatic Jaundice Prevent rapid RBC breakdown Treat primary diseases first Blood transfusions Prevent further liver damage Anti-viral medications for liver problems caused by viruses Liver transplant (last resort) Surgery to unclog bile duct system Remove pancreas section to stop further clogs Removal of gallbladder Case Study Wally Jensen news reporter Malaria Malaria recovered rapid RBC breakdown bilirubin buildup Jaundice left untreated
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