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Team YES! BYLC BBLT-11 (Mir Muhtadi Faiaz)

No description

Muhtadi Faiaz

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Team YES! BYLC BBLT-11 (Mir Muhtadi Faiaz)

Project description
Location: The project is being implemented at different schools in Dhaka,specifically in Moghbazar and Muhammadpur. The school are
1.Holy Child Pre-Cadet School (Moghbazar)
2.NLJ OBAT High School (Mohammadpur Geneva Camp)

Primary- Around 200 students of Class 6,Class 7 and Class 8
Secondary- Families and community of the students respectively

Project Goal: To motivate underprivileged students so that they can become an active part of the empowered youth society
Team YES! Project "Shopnodana"

Challenges Faced
The school schedule clashed with the members University schedule. Many of them also had exams.
The fund available was also not enough to build full-fledged libraries with good amount of books.
It was difficult to persuade successful people to come to the schools on week days because of their professions.
As the workshop was not a mandatory program for all the students, there were less students participating than the expected number.
The accommodation capability in one of the schools were very low and so we couldn't afford more students to participate even though they were interested.
The inclement weather hampered.
Sustainability Plan
Mid-course Corrections
1- Membership at BSK was not possible because of High Registration fee and bureaucratic complication
2-Setting up a fund raising booth was not possible due lack of time and initial funds
3- Our initial plan of providing each kid with a book fell out due to lack of fund
4- We now decided that we would rather built a small library in each school if there is fund available
5-We established a miniature library in each school instead of providing each student with a single book
6-Modern Child Educare school was omitted from our arrangement due to schedule problems
 To cultivate a self-belief in the students so that they can aspire to achieve their dream;
 To develop their book reading habit so that they can widen their perspective and enhance creativity;
 To enhance their public speaking ability so that they have the valor and confidence to express their ideas;
 To introduce students to the concept of active citizenship;
 To create a creative learning environment by means of visual aid;
 To strengthen their sense of belonging to the society and to inspire them to work for the society’s well being.
4 Day Activities
In each designated school the workshop would was held for 4 consecutive days. The breakdown of the event is as follows:
Day 1- Introduction and Star Talk
Day 2- Practice of Public Speaking
Day 3- Education through Visual Aid
Day 4- Introduction to Active Citizenship

Alongside these activities, we also built up mini-libraries in the schools.
BBLT-11 Leadership in Action (LIA)
In the first day of the program, we planned to held easy, interactive sessions with the students and then introduce them to few accomplished personalities
from diverse professions. This would enhance devotion among the students for their dreams.

On the second day of the event the students were prepared to deliver a public speech by engaging them in real life simulations and archive videos of inspiring
On third day of the event the students were briefed on the importance of education through visual aid. Later on that day they were shown a movie from
they can take substantial amount of learning.
Also the "Library" was established.
On last day of the event the students were briefed on the importance of active citizenship. Later on that day they were involved in a community work
in their own school premises. This activity was designed to strengthen teamwork among the students and to foster the practice of social welfare.

Team Yes!
4 day activities video
"We shall overcome" video
Theory 1
Theory of Change
If they have access to books and visual aids, then they will read books more often and use visual aids
If they have a widened perspective then they can be a better part of the society
If they read books, then they can think out of the box
Theory 2
If they have a proper training then they will become better at public speaking
If they can speak better in public then they can be more confident in conveying their ideas to people
If they develop the ability to speak in public then they will be able to express their thoughts and mobilize others
Theory 3
If they are motivated by scholar with real life stories then they would not fear struggle in their journey
If they are motivated and know the struggles ahead of them then they would become better professionals hence competent
If they know the struggles ahead then it would be easy for them to move ahead
Theory 4
If they are involved in the activity then they feel more responsible and will be aware of procedures regarding them
If students take own initiatives then students will become an active part of the society
If students are aware then they will take own initiatives to address social problems
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