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Investor Slide Deck

Pay 'n' Leave, Inc.

Naren Inukoti

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Investor Slide Deck

CubeOn, Inc.

The Restaurant
Slow service on busy nights = lower tips.
Frustrated waiters =bad service
Fewer tables turned each night
How Does it Work In a Restaurant?
Retail Stores



Our Vision
Restaurant customers need a way to quickly pay the bill and leave without waiting.

Restaurants need a way to increase revenue and turn more tables each night.

An intelligent real-time marketing platform for business' in the same area
The New Era of Mobile Payment
"According to analysis by BI Intelligence, mobile payments will make up $1.5 trillion of all transactions in the US by 2017. Last year, that number was just $120 billion"

-Steve Kovach, Business Insider June 13, 2013
Quick and Safe Mobile Payment System
Founding Team
Naren Inukoti - Co-CEO

1st year CS student at The University of Texas at Austin.
Rahul Sheth - Co-CEO

4th Year MIS + CS Minor student at Georgia Institute of Technology.
4th year CS student at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Stefan Koshy - CTO

The Customer
Whining Kids?
Party you want to get to?
Urgent meeting?
Can't find your waiter?
Stolen payment info?
Forgot your credit card?
Or even worse......
You're on a date with a girl that's dying to get back to your apartment...
CubeOn, Inc.
What's the Problem?
CubeOn, Inc.
CubeOn strives to be at the forefront of mobile payment by providing integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems to enable customers to pay their bills quickly and securely and receive temporary coupons in order to promote immediate business across industries in the area.

Scan QR code
On Cube
Open ticket
View Order/
Add Tip
Cube changes colors - Leave!
Place Orders
Only interaction with POS
Download App
Market Analysis
Target Market:
492,806 Restaurants with POS in US
-All are possible Customers
~300 POS Companies in US


Mainly people ages 18-45, owning a smartphone, and living in metropolotin areas

Ages 18-29: College Students, newly employed workers.
Ages 30-45: Couples with young children
- Incorporated Business
- Provisional Patent
- 5 Interns working on API
- Beta Testing by early-Dec.
- Partnerships with MSPs
Email: paynleave@gmail.com
Phone: (774)-275-4145
We are CubeOn, Inc.
Naren Inukoti
Rahul Sheth
Stefan Koshy
How do WE make money?

$100 + ($7 x # of tables) = One Time Set-up fee

First (# of tables) transactions free per month. Then .5% per transaction.

Make about .5% per transaction from MSPs

1% of coupon used at retail/restaurant

Advertising in-app and on cube
Future Features
Search with Tastes
- Use past history/preferences to suggest perfect new restaurant to try.

Create a
Cube v.2
with a screen for multiple advertisements

- Allows advertisers and agencies to know who and where to target advertisements.

Loyalty Program
- Earn points which results in coupons simply for using our app to pay the bill.

Market Analysis: Competitors
Tabbedout - Austin, Texas Start up
- 1000 Restaurants
- Pay Bar/Restaurant Tab
- Bad reviews/ Still new

NCR Aloha MobilePay -
- Major POS company
- Very new feature
- Very limited scalability

1. Scan QR Code on Cube at Payment Station

2. Scan Credit Card and Finish Payment

3. Retrieve coupons to nearby stores/restaurants

How does it work in a Retail Store?
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