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Prezi vs PowerPoint

No description

Morgan Weatherly

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Prezi vs PowerPoint

Why Prezi Reigns
over PowerPoint
Presented by:
Princess Morgan Weatherly Prezi {Justified} Technology changes constantly; Prezi is a newer presentation method that is more modern than PowerPoint Prezi {Justified} Prezi's layout is unlimited allowing imagination and creativity to flow as wide as the spreadsheet expands. Prezi {Justified} Using Prezi for presentations is not the norm, making the Prezi method stand out than traditional PowerPoint Pros
Cons Pro
Prezi's zooming effect gives a stand out performance to enhance the presentation. Con
PowerPoint is well-known and easier to manage than Prezi which is more recent in the technological area of presentation. Pro
Prezi is newer and not as familiar with the audience causing the alien method to last longer the in the viewer's mind compared with the usual PowerPoint. Con
The zoom may cause some audience members nausea and motion-sick, deterring from the presentation. Pro
Prezi's spreadsheet is virtually endless, allowing the creator to really center-in and emphasis the points and presentation through images, sound, video, fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc. Con
PowerPoint allows the presenter to enhance the presentation with all the etc. Prezi does and is more widely known how to access all the extras on PowerPoint. In Conclusion:
Prezi > PowerPoint
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