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(1) The Langa Quarter, Langa, Cape Town

A social enterprise township tourism destination and community regeneration project in Langa, Cape Town. Developed by TEA SA a socially enterprising consultancy .

Tony Elvin

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of (1) The Langa Quarter, Langa, Cape Town

Harlem Avenue Langa Quarter Pilot project PEOPLE PLANET PROFIT THE LANGA QUARTER
Township Tourism Destination Social enterprises are social mission driven organizations which apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose.Their aim – to accomplish targets that are social and/or environmental as well as financial - is often referred to as the triple bottom line - PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT BLACK PLAQUE SCHEME Tony Elvin Associates SA HAREA Harlem Avenue Residents
Enterprise Association A non-political, non-religious formation founded on the social enterprise principles of ‘People, Planet, Profit’. HAREA strives to work with any organization that will help it achieve its aims of a sustainable future for all residents of Harlem Avenue HAREA members develop the
safety and security strategy through a 'thinkpod' workshop process. 1st meeting - selling the idea to the residents Harlem Avenue In Numbers 1 Road 87 Houses 480 Residents 8 Existing Businesses 87 Potential Enterprise Opportunities 28 Noteworthy Residents 4 Enterprise Development Partners...(so far) RESPECT & PROTECT As is common when the word ‘township’ is mentioned, security concerns jump to the fore. TEA SA and HAREA have taken serious consideration of this and through joint efforts, have adopted the central theme of ‘Respect and Protect’, a motto which applies equally to: Langa’s past history, residents, the environment and of course, tourists. A unique partnership between the the residents of Harlem Avenue, the local Langa police, the community policing forum, the newly formed 'street ambassadors' and with support and advice from Table Bay Hotel's head of security and Cape Town's CID, TEA SA and HAREA aim to set Harlem Avenue as a benchmark community within a township setting, providing a safe and clean environment for all, residents and tourists alike. 1 2 3 4 Engage with the residents of Harlem Avenue to uncover and memorialise the homes of noteworthy individuals, with the purpose of increasing the sense of pride in the street and to increase the number of tourists that visit the street annually Establish ‘Harlem Avenue Residents Enterprise Association' to develop business ideas, identify social challenges, ensure the fair distribution of opportunities and to address the safety & security issues Create a clean, green, safe environment Partner with innovative corporates through their enterprise development strategies to support the creation of sustainable tourism focused enterprises to provide local sustainable livelihoods, skills development and JOBS ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT
TEA SA provides a facilitated enterprise development solution for your company Target 3% of net profit after tax (NPAT) - scorecard weight 15 Enterprise Development Partners (so far)

Table Bay Hotel
Altius Holdings
Solms Delta Wine Farm
Edith Stephens Wetlands HARLEM HOMESTAY HOTEL 2 existing homestay businesses are joined by 5 more homes, to create the 'Harlem Homestay Hotel', a group structure which will offer 21 rooms on completion Enterprise Development Partner - Table Bay Hotel 30 FRONT YARD MICRO ENTERPRISES BRANDED GAZEBO
Enterprise Development scheme GROW EXISTING BUSINESSES Job Creation Skills Development Renewable Energy Recycling WATERWISE GREENING CLEANING Enterprise Development Partner Altius Holdings
(security monitoring) TEA SA Social Upliftment Aspirational TM 'Harlem Homestay Hotel's' proprieters at a Table Bay Hotel site inspection cafe's souvenirs refreshments brochures arts & crafts Black Plaque Scheme’: initiative originated by TEA SA whereby black plaques noting the names of noteworthy individuals have been hung on the outside of the individual’s current or past homes. Smme's Township as assest not a no-go Tourism spend stays in the local community Hundreds of Jobs Greening

if your company is interested in becoming involved or for further information on how your company can support this historic and ground-breaking social initiative. TEA SA looks forward to working with your company in the near future. Development Partner
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