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American Lit Introduction 1905-1940

Brief introduction of the time period and new literature

Melissa Warfield

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of American Lit Introduction 1905-1940

Historical Background 1904-1940
the 20th century wealth and poverty there were many contrasts during the 20th century 1914-1918
US didn't get involved until the middle of the war. we showed the world who was boss and became a world power. World War I Left people poor or homeless-throughout the 1930's millions struggled through the Great Depression 1929 Stock Market Crash a time of youthful energy Roaring 20's war and peace social well-being and social problems city life and farm life old ways and new ways of thinking radio magazines newspapers talking movies airplanes People couldn't find work and didn't have enough money for their basic needs. The American Dream faded. Modernism Modernist writers used very new ideas and styles to explain the many changes the modern world has caused. Modernism in literature looked at feelings of being alone and attempted to pull society together. Harlem Renaissance Harlem is an area in New York City. The Harlem Renaissance focused on equality for African Americans and pride in African American culture.
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