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Famously Simple Budget App

The Famously Simple Budget App keeps track of your spending. Set your budget and the time frame and you're good to go. Enter purchases as they happen, and the app keeps track of how much you’ve spent, and how much you have remaining.

Famously Simple

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Famously Simple Budget App

The Famously Simple Budget App
It's really quite simple...
Download it from the App Store.

Search for Famously Simple.
set your Budget

How much you want to spend within each budget period.
Then set how long your
budget period

Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks,
Every 4 Weeks, Monthly, Yearly.
Based on the period you select,
it'll guess the start and end date.

set your categories

It's gives you a bunch of default categories:

Dining Out
You can
Add Categories
by clicking Add Category and then editing the new category that's added to the list.
Delete Categories
by clicking a category and hitting Delete Category.
Isn't this simple?!
When you've entered your budget and categories,
Click Done
And you're
good to go...

Your budget is all set up
to see how much you've spent so far, and what day you're on.
to see how much money you have left, and how many days till pay day.
for each category show you where your cash is going.
Just click a category to
add a purchase.
Then click
Type in the place and amount.

Click Save.
When all your purchases are in,
Click Done.
The Purchases are added to the category and the
budget is updated.
And that's it, my friends.

See these two arrows? They let you
check out past budget periods
to see how well you did.
When your budget period is over,
the app knows what to do.

It just creates a
new Budget Period,
and starts you all over again.
Famously Simple.
If you say weekly, it
assumes you got paid on Friday
, and will get paid again the next Friday.
You can
change the start date
by clicking the arrows. The end date will adjust automatically.
Set up takes just a few steps.
Click the Set Up button to get started.
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