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Kaitlyn Horning

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Venezuela

By Kaitlyn Horning Venezuela This is the flag of Venezuela Venezuela's capitol is Caracas. Caracas became the capital of Venezuela in 1577. Venezuela got its flag in 1930. People in Venezuela have been playing baseball for over 200years. A sport that os played in Venezuala is Baseball. Things that people in Venezuela do is makintg pottery, baskets, hammocks, and rugs. Exports from Venezuela are sugercane, rice, corn, bananas, plantains,oranges, coconuts, and mangos. Mangos Plantains Sugercane Coconuts They mine bauxite,alumina, and primary aluminum. Bauxite Alumina Primary aluminum They grow sugercane, rice, corn, sorghum, bananas, plantains, oranges, coconuts, and mangos. Sorghum WildLife Some imports to Venezuela are computer accessories , new and used passenger cars, livestock,medical equipment,pharmaceuticals, and iron and steel products. Agriculture, mining, and products of imports and exports City and its Capitol A place that people like to visit is Angel Falls. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in South America.

Their are 21,00 unique plant species in the country. Their are about 25,000 species of orchids in Venezuela including the national flower,Cattleya mossiae orchid. Cattleye mossaie orchid The Amazon river runs through Venezuela.The amazon river is the longest river in the world.

The Andes Mountains run through Venezuela. The andes Mountains is the longest mountain chain in the world. Amazon River in Venezuela Andes mountains in Venezuela Famous People Born in Venezuela A Famous person born in Venezuela is Carolina Herrera. She was born in November on the 13, in 1906. She was famous because she was a fashion designer.

Another famous person is Maritza Sayalero. She was born in Caracas on Feburary 16, 1961. The reason she is famous is because she was the first Miss Universe from Venezuela. Carolina Herrera Maritza Sayalero Places to Visit Some places to visit in Venezuela are Angel Falls, Caracas, and the Amazon rainforest. The reason you should visit Caracas is because it is the capitol of Venezuela. You should visit Angel Falls because it is the highest waterfall in the world it is 3,212 ft. Caracas Angel Falls Amazon rain forest Culture joropo is the main type of dance for venezuela.
the music of venezuela is a mixture of african and spanish music. Venezuelan art is a mixture of pre-colonial and colonial style of paintings. People in venezuela do something called backstrape weaving. People in venezuela are usually elegantly dressed. they have Italain, spanish and french restraunts. They serve a llot of fish dishes nd lots of meat dishes. A dress worn for dancing the joropo. The currancy of venezuela is bolivar fuerte. The president of venezuela is Hugo Chavez.
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