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AAD 500, Unit 5: Economic Impact & Justifications

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UK Arts Administration

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of AAD 500, Unit 5: Economic Impact & Justifications

1. History on the Reliance of the Economic Impact in the Arts in Advocacy
Unit 5:
Economic Impact & Justifications
Arts & Economic Prosperity
2. Current Economic Impact Studies and Reports
General categories of information include:
the investments or expenses paid out by arts funders or organizations,
federal, state, and local tax revenue,
numbers of full-time and part-time jobs in the arts,
the gains or matching funds derived from private sources following use of national, state, local funds,
information on the arts role in attracting tourists and tourist spending,
monies spent on area education programs combined with a count of youth served, and
overall attendance numbers.

3. Designing advocacy platforms using economic impact information
Select and read a minimum of five (5) of these advocacy message to better help you understand how to construct a compelling message.
READ: Americans for the Arts

4. Challenging the reliance on economic impact in the arts
Are economic impact and justification really the best valuation for the arts?
What happens in times of economic downturn?
WATCH: How do we communicate the instrumental and intrinsic values of the arts?

Gary Vikan, Director of the Walters Museum of Art
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