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Team Cyclone - Black Death

Team Cyclone brings you Black Death

Preston Stiles

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Team Cyclone - Black Death

This is the first abomination we encountered. The scientist's experiment took form of a bubbling blob all by itself. As it consumed Dr. Incoslav's assistant, we discovered that it changes form. These reanimated creatures are unbelievable. Growing bigger and bigger every day, the enemy has the power to destroy everything in its path.

Carbon resources available to the player.
Mini-map, this allows the player to see where their hero and towers are placed, as well as the enemy.
Shows the hero/towers health.
Shows the current selected tower.
The command menu allows the player to build, repair, and command their towers and hero.
Robert Rutherford
Travis Wilson
Preston Stiles
Aaron Bailey
Justin Hellebuyck
Presentation by
Nathan Pussehl
Black Death

Team Cyclone Production

Will you take on the challenge of saving your planet?

Will you stand against these vile creations?

The fate of humanity is in your hands!

Attack Tower
This is the primary tower of your arsenal, your key tool of destruction.

(Ranged, Damage)
1st Upgrade: Attack speed increased
2nd Upgrade: Attack damage increased
3rd Upgrade: Range increased
Final Upgrade: Attack Tower becomes equipped with an ability to do massive damage to a single unit.

Decoy Tower
This tower provides support for surrounding towers. While not doing much damage, the Decoy Tower will slow approaching enemies and offer many strategic combos with other towers.

(Ranged, Support)
1st Upgrade: Range increased
2nd Upgrade: Attack speed increased
3rd Upgrade: Slow increased
Final Upgrade: Blows up when destroyed and does massive area of effect damage

Absorption Tower
(Utility, Economic, Defense)
This tower is a massive machine that stands in the way of passing enemies. The tower functions as a vacuum, sucking all of the resources out of the enemy and providing an economic boost for the player.

1st Upgrade: Absorption Tower costs less resources
2nd Upgrade: Attraction Range increased, (but capacity stays the same)
3rd Upgrade: Absorption Tower gains an ability that stops approaching units for a brief period of time.
Final Upgrade: Resources gained increases 50%

Beacon of Hope
(Utility, Defense)
This tower offers high utility by attaching itself to other towers. Once attached, the Beacon of Hope will protect a tower from being consumed. The hero can only place these, use caution.
1st Upgrade: Beacon of Hope absorbs 2 consumption enemies
2nd Upgrade: Beacon of Hope costs less resources
3rd Upgrade: Beacon of Hope can move to different towers after being placed
Final Upgrade: Beacon of Hope absorbs 3 consumption enemies
Swift Tower
(Utility, Hero)
1st Upgrade: Range increased
2nd Upgrade: Movement speed increased
3rd Upgrade: Hero abilities increased
Final Upgrade: When Swift Tower is destroyed, all enemies on the map become slowed for a limited time.
This tower cannot affect enemies. This tower provides a speed boost to the hero if he enters the towers range. This is used to travel quickly to other towers to provide strategic micromanagement.
Black Death is a Tower Defense game based on strategic elements of micromanagement and placements. It is meant to target a teen-adult audience on the PC platform.
How It All Began
Key Features/Concepts
Our World
and some become monstrosities beyond imagination
Some grow larger, some become faster...
And the world slowly unraveled...
Cities were lost in days...
But hope remains...
Unique Features:
A Tower Defense experience where players can actually take control of the positioning of towers and has the option to move them around the play field along with the hero.
Gameplay that allows players to approach levels with different strategies that conforms to their play style
Emerge yourself in an apocalyptic environment where you are surrounded by 3D levels and realistic characters.

Five moveable towers: Attack, Decoy, Absorption, Swift, and Beacon of Hope
One epic hero.
Tons of extraordinary enemies to destroy.
Progress through waves.
Gather carbon to rebuild, and upgrade.

Protect your hero by any means possible.
Experience gameplay that truly adapts to your play style, with ever changing difficulty
Make your last stand against the "Black Death" in hopes of saving mankind.

The Earth has nearly been consumed.
The Current Problem
The goo consumes everything in its path.

Hero Mechanics:

Dr. Incoslav has specific skills to help the player throughout the game.

Dr. Incoslav can move throughout the levels buffing towers and building defenses by fortifying himself in the towers (attack speed and attack damage boosts). He is a significant asset to keeping the human race alive.

The reaction...
The year is 2030, the world's resources have been depleted and people are starving. Time is running out, the problem needs to be fixed immediately. Many scientists have tried to come up with a way to replace the depleted resources but they have failed. One scientist, Dr. Incoslav, has finally developed a way to fix the issue of starvation.

After weeks in front of the microscope, he discovered that he could combine carbon and other elements to finalize an unlimited food source. The new food source was producing at a rapid and uncontrollable rate, our food problems had been solved, but there was mysterious activity going on within the creation.

At first, Dr. Incoslav’s creation seemed like the answer to the worlds problems, but through further experimentation they soon realized the true danger that lurked. He combined this carbonated goo with another rapidly reproducing agent to increase the production rate. Once the two agents were combined, Dr. Incoslav created what we now call the Black Death. He solely witnessed the beginning of the end.

The new creation started rising and expanding. It possessed a tar like consistency, moving slowly and intently. At first it was controllable, but then one of Dr. Incoslav's assistants tried to contain the agent. He mistakenly made contact with the agent and started transforming and becoming one with the creation, eventually being completely consumed.

After witnessing this gruesome transformation, Dr. Incoslav panicked and ran far away from the Black Death. Looking back, he witnessed his entire laboratory become consumed by his own creation. The enemy’s pace is increasing rapidly and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.
Many days have passed and the Black Death continues to grow. It has wiped out entire cities and is gaining power beyond belief. Dr. Incoslav has escaped to an asylum far away where he spends countless hours searching for a cure. After many sleepless nights, he realized that he could use the enemy’s remains to fight against it, creating new weapons, resources, and hope.

With his new knowledge, Dr. Incoslav has been coming up with new carbon fighting weapons and technologies to help defeat this monster. Humans are facing the brink of extinction but there is still hope in this young scientist. Will the scientist stop his creation, or will he fail and let humanity fall to this new found enemy?
We are using an isometric view that allows the player to rotate the camera view and zoom in.
Black Death
You play as Dr. Incoslav, a scientist that has been completely traumatized due to the creation of the Black Death. His personality has developed into complete madness and he is losing control of who he once was. He ran off to the final living place on the planet and has dedicated himself to destroying what started this apocalypse. Since he is the creator of the Black Death, he holds knowledge of how to manipulate its matter into resources to build defenses. It is now up to you to use the powers that Dr. Incoslav possesses to stop the enemy from advancing. Will Dr. Incoslav bring back humanity from its doom or will the Black Death consume the world?

Apocalyptic/Somber Orchestral - This style evokes emotions of great tragedy, often slow in tempo, with long drawn out notes. Deep bass lines with mysterious undertones and drawn out melodies will inspire feelings helplessness and dying hope.

During Battle:
The tempo of the music will hasten to inspire feelings of uncertainty in the player. The rapid pace of the dark tones will sound threatening and convey danger to the player.

Sounds of the enemy:
Our enemy is carbon, a gluttonous goo, and thus it sounds very much like boiling tar or a lava flow, bubbles popping and steaming with a very thick and viscous sound to them.

At various points in the game, Dr. Incoslav will have monologues. These will be represented by voice overs or sometimes will simply appear in dialogue boxes appearing above the player's head.

Resources are required for player progression and can also be used to:

Player resources are measured in carbon:
This element can be acquired through defeating enemies and completing objectives.

- Build Towers!
- Upgrade Structures!
- Unlock New Abilities!
- Repair Towers!
Dr. Incoslav

We decided to go for a 3D realistic art style for our game. 3D Realism will allow for greater player immersion by providing more relatable characters and worlds.

The art will carry a dark and somber tone which will reinforce the apocalyptic setting and theme.

Our world is riddled with chaos and we want our art style to maintain that illusion throughout the game. So the player could feel like they are experiencing the end of the world in their own way.

Art Style & Explanation
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