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Research project

Maria Gracia Larrégola

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of FACEBOOK

What is Facebook?
Facebook features
History of Facebook
Information about
the company
What about
the creator?
Practical part:
conclusions of
the surveys
and the interview
of the project
What is a social
“is the man’s conscious attitude
to a phenomena of social life
with the result of bringing him
inevitably to social change”.
- Discovery of fire
- Invention of printing press
- Discovery of America
- Invention of the steam engine
- Discovery of electricity
- Discovery of Penicillin
- Arrival of men to the moon
- The Internet
- A social networking service
- A form of comunication
- Launched in February 2004
- Created by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes
- Created after Course Match and Facemash
- First named Thefacebook
- Initially created for Harvard students
- Ownership
- Revenue
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Chat
- Facebook Credits
- Facebook Live
- Messages and Inbox
- Networks, Groups, and Like Pages
- Facebook in Smartphones
- Places
- Questions
- Photos and videos
- Languages
- Security features
- Privacy settings
- Games
- United States, Indonesia
and United Kingdom
(countries with more
Facebook users)
- What is "FAD"?
- How to avoid ID Thefts
- Syria, China and Iran
(countries where
Facebook is banned)
- Top 30 Richest
Young Entrepreneurs
in 2010
- Person of the year
by Time magazine
- Facebook for Dummies
- Oldest Facebook user
- A film was created in 2010
- Which is te profile of non-users?
- Which is the pofile of users?
- Conclusions of the interview
- Vanesa Griñó
- Hèctor Alabart
- Those who answered the survey
- To all the people that have encouraged me in doing these project
The social network
official trailer
Lídia Parramon Dolcet
What is the importance
of Facebook nowadays?

- Age of the users
- Main uses
- Security
- Is it dangerous?
- Why is Facebook so popular?
- Will it soon disappear?
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