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The Distance Between Us

No description

Kaitlyn Berns

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Distance Between Us

1. Caymen is working at the doll store in her small town in California.
2. Mr. Rich walks in, which isn't normal for a guy to walk into the store.
3. Caymen and Xander start hanging out and going on career days.
4. Caymen goes with Xander to his mom's benefit.
5. Caymn goes to the hospital to see her mom, because she is sick.
Basic Info.
Genre- Realistic Fiction
Theme- Money doesn't buy a good first impression
Point of View- First Person told by Caymen
Setting- California in the doll shop
Main Characters- Caymen and Xander
The End
About the Author
Kasie has written Split Second, On the Fence, Pivot Point, and The Distance Between Us.
Shes written young adult books.
She was born in California.
She is currently working on a book called The Fill-In Boyfriend, which will be published in the summer of 2015.
Tone/ Mood
The tone of this book was romantic and loving.
Caymen Meyers is just an average girl in her small town. Poor, and trying to make money, her and her mom run a porcelain doll store. When a very handsome guy walks in, Caymen knows he can't be for her. He's rich, and she's poor. Her mother had warned her about the rich, they're spoiled rotten. When Mr. Rich Guy and Caymen hang out more, could that all change? Read to find out!
The Distance Between Us
Written by Kasie West
Read by Kaitlyn Berns

Kasie West
Simile/ Metaphor
The end of this book is where Caymen's mom is in the hospital. Caymen also meets a couple people she has heard of but never met before. Also, her and Xander also fix up the problems between each other.
I really liked this book! I would give it 5 out of 5 stars! I would recommend this book to girls, because this book is one of the mushy love story books that guys don't like. This book was a page turner, because I wanted to see how Caymen would deal with Xander with all the personal troubles in her life. Read to find out!
The mood this book put me in was loving, caring, an partially sad.
I could not find any similes or metaphors while reading this book!
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