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Burkitt's Lymphoma

No description

MR. S.

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Burkitt's Lymphoma

Burkitt's Lymphoma
The exact cause is still unknown. It's common in children and mostly in Africa. Elsewhere, the cause could be HIV and AIDS.
Gene or chromosome affected by disorder?
Burkitt's lymphoma is an aggressive B-cell. Burkitt's lymphoma results from chromosome translocations that involves the c-myc gene on chromosome 8.
How is it inherited?
Burkitt's lymphoma is not inherited. It is thought to be caused by EBV infection.
Population affected?
Outside of Africa, Burkitt's lymphoma is found in about 1,200 people a year in the U.S. About 59% are over age 40. Burkitt's lymphoma was estimated to be 1,000 times higher in HIV positive people than in the general population.
-nausea and vomiting
Other Names?
Jenny Poy
-Burkitt's tumor
-B-cell lymphoma
-loss of appetite, change in bowel habits, or both
-gastrointestinal bleeding
-signs and symptoms of acute abdomen
-intestinal perforation
-renal failure as a result to retroperitoneal disease
Are there prenatal tests for this disorder?
Yes. They are LDH, PET scan, CT scan, and bone marrow biopsy.
Medical Assistance?
Can the individual have children and will they be affected?
Yes the individual can have children. The children will not be affected by BL because BL cannot be inherited.
Treatments or cures?
Intensive chemotherapy is the preferred treatment for Burkitt's Lymphoma.
Current status of research?
Studies seek to improve the supportive care of patients undergoing treatment. Currently studies are investigating biological therapy that slows down cancer cells and strengthens the body's immune system. Improvements are also occurring in stem cell transplant, pre-transplant treatment, broadening the range of donors, and developing ways to remove caner cells in the bone marrow.
-Medications including antibiotics can be given to the child.
-The long-term outlook for the child greatly depends on:
the extent of the disease
presence or absence of metastasis
response to therapy
child's age and overall health
tolerance of medication, procedures, and therapies
new developments in treatment
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