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Utah Write--Cheats and Helps

No description

Aubri Mellark

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Utah Write--Cheats and Helps

Tricks to a Successful Score Utah Write Tip Number One: Introductory Paragaph You always want to make sure that your introductory paragraph is the LONGEST paragraph that you have in your essay. Take a minute to add at least 3 more sentences to your intro paragraph:
Two: Sentences A really strong essay would have about 13 or 14 sentences per paragraph, so go ahead and add a few more sentences to each paragraph now, until you have about that many per paragraph. Three: Quotations Let me tell you: One: A Simple Sentence (only 1-3 words if you can manage- it makes more of a dramatic statement,) Ex.: "What is so awesome about Harry Potter, Aubri?" to which I would reply: Everything, young padawan. Two: A Complex Sentence: we learned about these a lot in the Seventh Grade. They basically include a independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Ex: The girl was happy watching one episode of Doctor Who; yet she felt like she needed to watch just one more. Three: A Compound Sentence: Compound sentences consist of two independent clauses joined together usually by FANBOYS and a coma, or a semi-colon. Ex: Aubri thinks that Harry Potter is pretty boss but that J.K. Rowling should write a new series based upon Harry, Ron, and Hermione's kids. !!!!Remember to have your sentences VARY!!!! UTAH WRITE LOVES IT WHEN YOU USE QUOTATIONS. BUT, you have to use them CORRECTLY, otherwise they'll just dock you points for it. SO REMEMBER: it goes like this: "Inspiring words," he said. Four: Sophistication It's very helpful if you use at least 8 or 9 "sophisticated" words per paragraph, about one every other sentence. Sophistication is not always defined by syllables, for example, is much more sophisticated than and yet it's shorter.
"comely" "beautiful" BE CREATIVE! Five: Numbers take a moment to add a quotation to every paragraph... take a moment to add a quotation to each paragraph...
you can make up an author if you want, like Fred Weasley or Rose Tyler or something like that... Utah Write really likes specificity. Numbers tend to bring you a lot of points in the category, so if that's what you're struggling with, then numbers are for you.
Conventions add some numbers here and there:) Helpful Things for Individual Categories:
Capitalization and Punctuation
Spelling (this was something that I forgot to mention earlier, but remember to double check this along with Capitalization and Punctuation before you submit)
CORRECT quotations
Topic Sentences in Paragraphs
Emotion words:
"Holy Cow!" Sentence Fluency
Varied Lengths
2-3 of each per paragraph Word Choice:
Sophisticated words
try to have about 5 that are over 4 syllables per paragraph Ideas
History; Pop-Culture; Literature; Mathematics; Politics; History; Sports
Why, Who, When, and Where it MATTERS
How it impacts Time to Submit! So. Click that button and we'll see how everyone did. Any 25s? What about 30s?
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