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Fortalice Ltd

No description

Fortalice Limited

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Fortalice Ltd

Overview of Services
Lewis House
- emergency accommodation for women and children
Support Centre
- support, advice and groupwork
Children and Young Peoples Services
- intervention services for those affected by domestic abuse and violence
Education and Training
- education programmes for women, children and professionals
Education & Training
Freedom Programme and Next Steps
Recovery Toolkit
Growing together
Freedom Programme awareness
Recognising and Responding to DA
DAV and the effects on children
Teenage domestic abuse
Healthy Relationships
Relationships Smarts
Hate Crime Workshops
Aimed at Secondary Schools

• Teenage Domestic Abuse
• Tricks and Traits of a perpetrator
• Sex and consent
• Equalities, Stereotyping & Boundaries
• Online safety/sexting
• Healthy Relationships

Relationships Smarts
Support for Children, Young People and staff in schools and the community
Access to Healthy Relationships Programmes
Individual Support
Just for You sessions
Breaking Free
Advice and Support for professionals
Training for teaching staff
Early Help and safeguarding
How can we help you?
Any questions?
Healthy Relationships Programme
Advice and Support
Freedom Programme
Next Steps
Family Conferencing
Early Intervention
Advice for professionals
Support Centre
Children & Young People Services
OFSTED registered Children's Services
One to one support
Children's Counselling
Play Therapy
Transitional support into the community
Safeguarding and Early Help
Lewis House
Providing emergency accommodation
and services for high risk victims of
domestic abuse
22 Self contained flats
24hour services / helpline
Support, advice, advocacy and recovery work
Specialist services
Education packages aimed at breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and training for professionals
Early Intervention and prevention education package
Mapped to SEALS, PHSE and British Values
Pupils are assessed at the start of the project and at the end to ensure there are measurable outcomes.
Four one hour sessions delivered to Year 5 or 6
“We initially came across the service through a parent in school. We have found it to be a most amazing –and seemingly unique service. Paula and her team have a fantastic approach with children and parents. They deliver with confidence, materials that staff in school would find challenging. Everyone at school has benefitted from the work that has been done. The impact will be long lasting."
Head Teacher St Matthew’s July 2016
Delivered by:
Gill Smallwood - Chief Executive
Paula Pollitt - Team Leader Children's Services

Aims of today's presentation:

To identify Fortalice's services
To consider how we can help you when working with issues around domestic abuse

Contact details;
01204 365677
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