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Huck Finn and Romeo and Juliet

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Chad Boerth-Dryden

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Huck Finn and Romeo and Juliet

Tybalt's Match in Huck Finn: Buck
Juliet's Match in Huck Finn: Ms. Sophia
Romeo's Matchup In Huck Finn: Harney Shepherson
The End.
Similarities between stories:
If there were to be any character that Tybalt would match up with, it would be buck. The reason is because both of these characters are fighters. Both these characters also are killed in a battle. The primary difference is the age, which is something that anyone can notice. Tybalt is older than Buck. Another difference is their personalities. Buck is a bit more friendly towards people who he doesn't know, whereas Tybalt just wants to fight anyone he sees.
Ms. Sophia is most like Juliet. She was hiding something from Huck Finn, which was a letter written by Harney Shepherdson. The letter had a time confirming when to get married. This is similar to what Juliet did with Romeo. Both women sneak away to get married to a man on the opposing family.
Romeo's matchup is Harney Shepherson. Although not much is mentioned about Harney, Ms. Sophia goes away with Harney to get married and they successfully escape. In Shakespeare's version, Romeo and Juliet do get married, but do not escape.
While these two stories are similar, they have many differences. One difference is that while in both stories the lovers get married, they don't successfully escape in both of them. In Romeo and Juliet, both Juliet and Romeo die. Another difference is the time it took for the families to find out when the lovers got married. In Huck Finn, the two families find out about the marriage as soon as it happens, but in Romeo and Juliet, the families don't find out until much later after the marriage. A third difference is the effect the marriages had on the feuds. When Romeo and Juliet die, the feud between the families stop, but when Ms. Sophia and Harney Shepherdson run away together, the feud becomes even worse.
These two stories have many similarities. One similarity is that both stories have two families fighting and a person in one family falling in love with a person from the other family. Another similarity is that in both stories, the families have forgotten what it is they are fighting over, but they still are fighting. A third similarity is how, in both stories, the lovers end up sneaking away to get married.
by Chad Boerth-Dryden

In Huckleberry Finn, there are two families that are fighting much like the Montagues and Capulets: The Grangerfords and Shepherdsons.
Montagues and Capulets vs. The Grangerfords and Sheperdsons
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