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Tesla Motors CSR

No description

Eric Macchi

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Tesla Motors CSR

In 2006, CEO Elon Musk outlined Tesla Motors' bussiness plan, goals and corporate social responsibilities in one 'Master Plan' blog post.
'Tesla Motor's Master Plan'
2. Path to Better Solar Energy
How does Tesla plan to bring around this change?

The same way as any other auto manufacturer - by selling cars.

The purpose of their model S car is to raise funds for the future development of efficient batteries and systems.

The upcoming models will be cheaper and more efficient, allowing Tesla to significantly lower CO2 emissions by increasing sales volume.
3. Enviromental Performance
The company aims to produce many other socially responsible enviromental developments, such as:

Development of more efficient batteries for cars.
Reduction in CO2 emissions from cars and factories.
Recyclable chassis constructed from aluminum.
Recyclable batteries that are safer to dispose of.
Development of batteries and power grids for powering buildings with solar power.

4. Consumer Issues
As an emerging company Tesla hopes to retain as much of their customer base as possible and prides itself on having excellent customer service.

A recent edition of Consumer Reports stated that the S model was less reliable than average; however, Tesla combats such issues by fully replacing any problematic cars or parts within 24 hours.

In addition, their warranties were extended from 4 to 8 years in length.
6. Philanthropy
While Tesla itself does not engage heavily in philanthropy, CEO Elon Musk does.

Musk, the chairman of the Musk Foundation, has engaged in philanthropic aid by donating about $20 million to global research and introducing solar energy to disaster zones.
7. Employee Relations
As a start up, Tesla has decently favorable employee relations through compensation and benefits.

While their management structure avoids unions in the interest of keeping productivity high; it also avoids having a two tiered system of managers and workers.

Instead, it emphasizes team work and compensates workers for their effort.

8. Financial Responsibilities
Since it's first year of production Tesla has excelled.
Some notable achievements:

During 2013, market value of the company tripled.

Paid off a $465 million dollar loan from the government, 9 years early. (Paid off in 2013.)

All in all, 5 years ago Tesla was worth 21$ per share. Today, shares are worth $209.
Tesla Motor's
By: Eric Macchi
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Tesla is an interesting company to analyze as they are in a start-up enviroment and their CSR is tightly connected to their business plan.
Tesla Motors intends to introduce a change from burning fossil fuels towards using solar energy to power electricity grids.

Why? Their goal is not only to sell cars, but to also introduce
solar energy as the primary source of energy.

5. Human Rights
Tesla Motors announced in 2014 that it would allow anyone acting in good faith to use their patents- in the interest of moving towards using sustainable energy on a global scale.

Investors were originally wary of this move; however it seems to have paid off as stock prices rose at the year's end.

(I believe that the announcement was less risky due to the fact that Musk also owns the Solar City company that provides most solar energy parts for electric cars.)

9. Governance
10. Governance
Many of Tesla's strengths in governance can be found in CEO Musk.

Musk has great past history as a CEO, in founding pay pal, spaceX and solar city, and offers much direction to Tesla.

Musk may have recieved pay of $78 million in 2012; however in 2014, all compensation was refused.
Tesla's strengths are a double-edged sword, as Musk's involvement in solar city and Tesla technically violate indepence issues.

In addition, some employees complain of micro management issues. It seems that Musk's direction stifles other manager's impact.

Tesla's Master Plan:

Costumer Service Garuntee:

Pay back Loan to Dept. of Energy:
Business Plans
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