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dance project

No description

Jamari Santa

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of dance project

step dance Videos of step dance by: Majiadah Louis & jazmari santa College step dancing step dance developed as far as 1925. step dance history people that do step for fun people how do it for there college step dance started first from the african americans. step is a type of mixture that goes with the beat of your stomp and claps during the 20th century step dance took a huge rule in college campusses step has been around for about 60 years. How they do step dance?? when doing step the best to do it is with boots on so your can hear the stomps of the boots you do step by a mix of beat with the body using the stomp of your feet and the claps of the hand and yelling out load. definition of step dance dancing in which the steps are more important than gestures or postures. college step dance is mostly of the supporting there school campuses. colleges that do step use greek letters to repeats the name of there team. ex: college students used step dancing as an instrument of using the body and making rhythms. college step dance crew compete in step offs on battles. African american step dance african step dance first formed in gold mining in South Africa. people in South Africa started to get sick and weak because on the rubber of there boot that got wet. African America used step dance for there military drills. Africans used step dance for celebrations, funerals and even when they went to war. african american step dance african american step dance was way different than it is today and who we do step questions 1. why did the african american do step dance?? A. for fun
B. to make shows
C. for celebration & funerals
D. for practice 2 how do you think step dance got better over time from african american people to college campuses step dancing??
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