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Writer's Voice

No description

Derek Green

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Writer's Voice

An Ongoing Development
Writer's Voice
What we mean by "voice"
Look at the following:

"I have a diary. I keep it locked with a key."
"I crept up on my diary. Carefully. I undid the lock with the small key on the string around my neck, then slowly opened it."
"Yo. This is my diary. I don't tell no one about it. I keep it locked with this here key."
"On every page this diary contains the burning burdens of my soul. These secret longings under lock and key I keep, then both night and day my heart keeps guard over the key, hanging round my neck."
Some things to consider...
Audience and Purpose
Does the writer care about the topic?
The Sound of the Words
When you read, you sub-vocalize...
That's how you "hear" different writers' voices.
The importance of reading your writing out loud.
Start with Character/Narrator Voice
Experiment with different styles
In writing, VOICE is the style of writing. It is a combination of:
syntax, diction, tone, slang and idiom, figurative language...
It's not about WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.
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