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ICT In Car Manufacturing

No description

Steven Liu

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of ICT In Car Manufacturing

ICT In Car Manufacturing
ICT play a main role in mass car manufacturing today. The paint, body panels, seats, engine, now rely on ICT to speed up the build and lower costs.
Although cheaper cars now rely on ICT to manufacture their cars, the higher class, prestigious cars are still hand built.
Industrial robots are used in car manufacturing
They look a bit like human arms.
Lift heavy items from place to place.
Assemble parts together.
Join parts together using glue or by welding.
Spray paint cars
more accurate
Computers and Software
Blue prints can created using a computer rather than drawing by hands
Software are great support in designing cars.
Computers can organize the assembly line for the car.
ICT Support on Car Manufacturing
Nowadays, cars have more and more ICT technology equipped. This helps the cars to go faster, safer, and easier to manufacture. The OBC (on board computer) unifies all the components within the car and manages them instead of having them run on their own and only controlled by switches. The ECU (engine control unit) makes the engine more stable, eases manufacturing, and reduces design costs.
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