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Pd-5 Christina Assam

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Pd-5 Christina Assam

By:Christina Assam Mesopotamia Mesopotamia was ruled by Hammurabi. He came up with laws and rules his
fallowed. some thought that he was
think he was mean others thought he
was fair. Where mesopotamia was Mesopotamia was located between
two rivers the Tigris and the
Euphrates Rivers. If you go north from the red sea you will hit it.
What they lived in.

They lived in ziggurats which where temples. They somtimes had religious ceremonies on the hightest level at the top Invented

Mesopotamian people invented the wheel, moola, writing, and plows. Gilamesh

This is one of the oldest story's in the wold.
According to the story Gilamesh was not just a hero. He was part human and part god.
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