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The Cycle of Depression

No description

Jonathan Trott

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of The Cycle of Depression

By Jonathan Trott
The Cycle of Depression

Step 1
Step 6
High unemployment leads to lower wages, less money for working people, and even less demand for goods & services.

Step 3
Businesses begin to produce less goods and less service to meet the dropping demand.
Step 4
Businesses need fewer workers since they are producing less, due to this many workers are let off.

Step 2
Businesses drop prices and try to keep up sales.

Step 5
Demand for new products & services drops.
Percentage of unemployed workers increases expeditiously.
Step 7
Dropping demand & lower profits lead businesses to eradicate even more jobs.
Step 8
This circles back to step 4, and the cycle continues, with reduced wealth & production over time.
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